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Green River College International Programs


"I have been living in CCA (Campus Corner Apartments) all 7 quarters. I love it! I have my own bedroom. CCA organizes fun activities. Every Friday there is something going on like movie night, game night, pancake night. Also there is a monthly cleaning service that comes into your apartment and cleans everything." - Roger Luo, China

Host Mom (left) with student and family.

Green River knows how important housing is to the success of a student. This is why our housing staff go the extra mile to give the best experience possible by providing a caring, positive, safe and supportive American living experience.

Campus Corner Apartments

Students walking past Campus Corner Apartments

Experience traditional American college life at Campus Corner Apartments (CCA)

Students enjoy a convenient, on-campus location; comfortable, high quality facilities; an excellent study environment; and an opportunity to get involved and make friends in supportive student community of 340 American and international students. Students must be 17 years old at time of move-in. Photo tour.

Benefits of Living On Campus:

  • Living on campus is convenient!
  • Walking distance to class
  • Community Center where you can hang out with friends from all over the world
  • Lots of on-site student activities
  • Private and group study areas
  • Easy to get involved in campus activities
  • ...and more

Additional Information:

Important Note


Photo of house

Live with an American family and share American customs and culture

Homestays offer you a home away from home and a great place to practice your English skills. Students are provided a fully furnished private room and U.S. style meals. Food is available for self-prepared breakfasts and lunches. The main daily meal, usually dinner, is prepared and shared together with the family. Transportation to and from campus varies; most families are on a convenient bus line to Green River. Some families drive students to and from campus daily.

The Host Family provides the following first time arrival services:

  • Airport greeting and pick-up
  • Campus visit
  • Assistance with banking
  • Assistance with cell phone needs
  • Transportation assistance to and from campus

Required $300 placement fee to secure a homestay. Monthly cost: $675 effective through Summer 2017.
*Beginning Fall 2017, the monthly cost for 16 year old’s will be $850 and the monthly cost for students older than 16 will be $725.

Important Note

  • 16 year old students are required to live with a Host family until they turn 17 years of age.

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident please browse to the Campus Corner Apartments website for student housing information.

For more information: Contact Us