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Home Issue No 35 | Spring Quarter | June/July 2009


Important Information for our Students


Come study at Green River Community College and enjoy Seattle on the weekends.

In this section you will find information to assist you in making your transition to Green River Community College. If you don’t find the information you are seeking please e-mail me.

Important Dates

Summer Quarter: June through August 2009
Housing move-in date June 17, 2009
Orientation & Testing begins June 18, 2009
Classes start June 22, 2009
Classes end August 13, 2009
Fall Quarter: September through December 2009
Housing move-in date Sept 9 & 10, 2009
Orientation & Testing begins Sept. 11, 2009
Classes start Sept. 21, 2009
Classes end Dec. 10, 2009

It's Easy to Apply to GRCC!

For complete information visit GRCC's Apply Now! page.

Green River Staff on the Road

Ross Jennings
First part of July: Hong Kong and China
MacKenzie Hizon
June 8-19: Vietnam and Singapore
Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

Scholarships Available: Apply Now

Please see our complete list of scholarships and work opportunities. Applications are reviewed and scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, so apply now!

Swine Flu: Is it safe to travel to the US?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO): “Yes. WHO is not recommending travel restrictions related to the outbreak of the influenza A(H1N1) virus. Today, global travel is commonplace and large numbers of people move around the world for business and leisure.” See WHO's frequently asked questions.

At Green River, we have had no reported cases of swine flu. Just as with all types of flu, we are encouraging students and staff to follow proper health guidelines: wash hands regularly and stay home if not feeling well. This is the best way to prevent and contain any illness. US medical clinics and hospitals are well prepared to treat individuals should they become ill for any reason. There is no reason to worry about studying at Green River Community College.

Why Study at Green River Community College?

The most common question I am asked is, “Why study at Green River Community College”? There are many answers to the question. However, I would like to highlight four most important reasons:

  1. Lower Tuition Cost
    GRCC tuition and fees are over 50% lower than those at four year colleges and universities. If you intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you can lower the total cost of earning your degree by 25%.
  2. Course Credits transfer to Universities
    GRCC has agreements with many 4-year colleges and universities to allow students to transfer their community college course credits towards a university degree. GRCC has a staff of educational advisors to assist you with the planning and transfer process. In many cases the advisors are able to provide many more options for our students.
  3. Additional Year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) International students are eligible for 1 year of OPT in their field of study immediately following completion of an associate degree. Many GRCC international students take advantage of this opportunity.
  4. On-campus housing and campus culture
    GRCC is one of few community colleges in the USA to offer on-campus housing. This is important because it is easier to take part in the campus culture which is a big part of USA Higher Education. Green River has many options, from social clubs to music/drama, from sports to volunteering in the community, and from student government to working on the campus radio station. These activities are a major way to make connections and provide an opportunity to meet other students and have some fun.

Admission and Scholarships: One Email Address

To make life easier for you, we have created one email that you can use to send all admission and scholarship materials or questions. We have dedicated staff available who will be checking the email regularly. To ensure that we get your admission and scholarship applications processed as quickly as possible, please use the following email address: We will direct your email to the appropriate staff member who will be happy to help you.

Take Advantage of Pre-arrival Registration for New Academic Students

Pre-arrival Registration for summer and fall began on May 11. Applicants who have demonstrated proof of academic-level English proficiency can work with our IP Advising Team to register for academic classes before they arrive on campus. This gives them a jump start on getting this classes they need to have a successful start their first quarter.

For your students who have not demonstrated English proficiency as part of the admission process, please check with them to see if they have taken or plan to take TOEFL, IELTS or any of the accepted proof of proficiency as listed on our web site. As soon as we receive proof of English proficiency, new students can get registered for academic classes they need to have a successful start their first quarter.


We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to you and your students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your feedback and let us know how we can better serve you.

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