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Home Issue No 32 | Winter Quarter | March 2009


Student of the Month

Yu Ting Cheng - High School Plus Student

Yu Ting Cheng (Tim), Hong Kong

Yu Ting Cheng (Tim) is from Hong Kong and is in the High School Plus Program.

Yu Ting Cheng (Tim) is 19 years old and came to Green River Community College in the fall of 2008. The year before he attended a high school near Rochester, New York, as an exchange student, but did not earn enough credits to get his high school diploma. His mother did some research and contacted an agency that recommended GRCC's High School Plus Program.

Tim said, "This is a really good way to get my diploma. It is very important to have the diploma to get into a four-year university. I took the SATs and my scores were good enough, but I needed the diploma too."

Tim plans on graduating in spring 2010. He wants to major in Business Finance and transfer to the University of Washington.

Tim currently lives in Campus Corner Apartments.  He said, "I like it. It's cool because I get to live with other students from different countries. Also they have a lot of fun activities."

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