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Student Transfer Study Plans

Student Transfer Study Plans: Your Pathway to Top US Universities

New Transfer Study Plans: Your Pathway to Top US Universities.

Getting into top US universities like Berkeley, UCLA, and University of Michigan is the dream of many international students. Here at Green River, we can help make that dream come true. Our students have transferred to top US universities across the country. Here are some of our 2010 graduates.

A key to transfer success is class planning. Our International Advising Team has developed Transfer Planning Guides which create general pathways for students to US universities. Students work one-on-one with their assigned advisor to develop their individual plan based on their degree requirements (including
High School Plus if applicable), major, and choice of university. See University Transfer Planning.

Since many of our students seek admission to top ranking US universities, we have developed customized Transfer Study Plans based on specific majors and destination universities. The intent of the Transfer Study Plan is:

  1. To give students a sense of their educational timeline at Green River
  2. To give a detailed, two-year class plan they need for their specific major and university transfer
  3. To ensure maximum transferability of classes so that students do not waste valuable time and money

Many of our students transfer to Indiana University, University of Washington, University of Texas - Austin, University of Wisconsin, Purdue University, University of California-Los Angeles, University of Minnesota and University of Southern California. The most popular majors are business, engineering, health sciences and liberal arts. Therefore, the sample plans of study will be focused on meeting these needs. See Sample Transfer Study Plan for Computer Science to out-of-state universities.

Our Transfer Study Plans give students solid pathways to top US universities.

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