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Important Information for our Students


Greetings Prospective Student,

Information in this section is designed to assist your transition to Green River Community College. You will find information on important dates, airport pick-up, and dates you can meet with staff when they are in your country.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions... Looking forward to meeting you soon at GRCC!

Michael McIntyre
Educational Planner & Student Advisor, International Programs

Important Information

Important Dates

Winter Quarter: December through March 2011
Classes end March 18, 2011
Spring Quarter: March through June 2011
Housing move-in date March 21, 2011
Orientation and testing begins March 22, 2011
Classes start March 28, 2011
Classes end June 13, 2011
Summer Quarter: June through August 2011
Housing move-in date June 15, 2011
Orientation and testing begins June 16, 2011
Classes start June 20, 2011
Classes end August 11, 2011

3 Things You Should Know About USA Community Colleges

1. Community Colleges are an entry point to universities

In most parts of the world, high school students take standardized university entrance exams. If students do well, they are admitted to highly competitive places in national universities. If they fare poorly, they go to work or attend trade schools. There is usually no chance for them to ever attend a university. In the US, it is different. Education is seen as the great equalizer of opportunity. University admission has two doors, not one. Students can enter as first-year freshmen, or transfer from a community college as third-year juniors. They all earn the same university bachelorís degree, regardless of which door they use to get in.

2. Fifty percent of USA BA Degree holders start at a Community Colleges

Half of USA bachelorís degree holders start their higher education at a community college. Many excellent students prefer to live at home and save money by taking the first two years of their university degrees at a nearby community college. They then transfer to a university and complete their bachelorís degrees in an additional two years. Attending a community college and transferring to a university is a very common educational choice in the United States.

3. Community Colleges are well respected in the USA

Almost all USA public universities and most private universities gladly admit community college transfers, including Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley and Michigan. Top universities in the United States respect community colleges and accept their graduates. As stated above, almost half of all US university bachelorís degree holders transferred from community colleges.

Green River Staff on the Road

Bruce Compton
Norway: January 16 - February 2
MacKenzie Hizon
Vietnam: March
Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

Let us Know How We Can Help

We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to our students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your comments and let us know how we can better serve you:

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