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2+2 Program Leads to a BA Degree

2 + 2 Program

Green River's 2 + 2 Program leads to a BA Degree.

Most international students come to Green River College with plans to transfer to a four year university within the United States. They take their first two years of general education requirements at Green River and then transfer those credits to a four year university. Educational Advisors assist students in choosing a major, selecting appropriate classes and finding a university to complete their bachelor's degree.

Students do not want to waste valuable time and money taking classes that will not transfer to their four year university of choice. That is why Green River's advisors work hard alongside students to research classes in a customized degree planning process. The process allows students to reliably transfer their coursework to a four year university of their choice. GRCC advisors have taken time to meet personally with admissions staff at universities across the country in order to become experts who can maximize students' transfer admission success prospects.

According to Ross Jennings, VP of International Programs, "There are many universities and majors so we are focusing on the most popular for our students. Many of our students transfer to Indiana University, the University of Washington, the University of Southern California, the University of California at Santa Barbara and Cornell University. This year over 100 universities will visit Green River to recruit our international students. The most popular majors are engineering, business and computer science.

Our goal is that when a student walks into an advisor's office and says, "I want to transfer to Indiana University and I want to major in Business," their advisor can print off a sheet which tells the student exactly what transferable classes they need to complete at GRCC before they transfer.

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