Student of the Month: Gloria Tan - Singapore

Interviewed by: Lansing Bryan

Gloria Tan - Singapore

Gloria Tan came to Green River College fall 2012 for the University Transfer program. Gloria chose Green River because of all the opportunities it had to offer.

Her goal is to major in International Relations and transfer to American University. She is currently taking 24 credits. "I am on a timeline," Gloria said. "There are a lot of things I want to study!" Gloria is not only working on getting her AA, but also a certificate in Gender Studies and Diversity Studies. In addition, she is trying to learn three new languages, Spanish, Japanese, and Dutch, to add to her existing fluency in English, Mandarin, Hakka (a Chinese dialect), and French.

"My classes are really interesting. I really like my humanities and social science classes. The instructors are very patient and encourage critical thinking. In other words, you don't have to always agree with the instructor. This is very different from my country where you are taught not to disagree. Here at Green River, I am encouraged to question everything and to think more deeply."

In addition to all the classes she is taking, Gloria is very active on campus. She is one of five International Student Ambassadors and the President of the Asian Student Union and the Green River Model United Nations Club. You can read about the Model UN conference at Harvard last year. Read Life at Green River Blog.

When Gloria has free time, which is rare, she likes to sing, dance and hang out with friends. Why is Gloria's plate so full? Because on one of her first days at Green River, Ross Jennings, Vice President of International Programs, told all the new students to say "yes" to everything. To throw themselves into club activities, student government, and to live life to the fullest." Gloria said, "Whenever I see Ross Jennings, I tell him I am so busy and it is his fault," she told me with a laugh. The truth is, she is very grateful for the many opportunites here which have helped her grow a lot as a person.

Gloria Tan and friends in Seattle