Student of the Month: Vladimir Panfilov - Moldova

Interviewed by: Lansing Bryan

Vladimir Panfilov - Moldova

Vladimir Panfilov came to Green River College fall 2012 for the University Transfer program. Vladimir chose to come to Green River because he wanted an international education. He is currently majoring in Economics and his dream is to transfer to the University of Pennsylvania next fall.

When I asked Vladimir what he likes most about Green River, he said, "I like the way classes are taught here. It is very different from my country. Here the same topic can be explained from many different angles and you can learn different perspectives."

"I also like the many student activities and trips that you can participate in that take you out of the school routine. Last week, for example, I went to the Arab Festival in downtown Seattle (see photo below). It was fun to see live performances, colorful costumes, try delicious Arab food, listen to music and hang out with friends."

The key to enjoying Green River College is campus involvement. Vladimir is a good example of someone who uses this bit of advice. He is currently a Senator in Student Government, works part-time in the International Programs Office, a member of the European Club, Entrepreneurship club, and Phi Theta Kappa.

"I have made friends from all over the world: Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, America, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Norway, and more. I like the people here - the way they treat you. They are open and willing to know you and help you. I rarely meet people who are closed," concluded Vladimir.

Vladimir and friends at Arab Festival in Seattle