Student Testimonial

Maria Johansson- Sweden

Maria Johansson


Gap Year

Green River to Hawaii

“My Gap year experience was everything I thought it would be and more. I loved Green River College! I really had a nice, calm and fun experience in Auburn where I really stepped out of my comfort zone. My English improved a lot and I felt more and more confident with speaking English every day and I also became more confident about meeting new people. I made a lot of friends in Auburn that will be my friends for life.

"My Hawaii experience and my time at Kapi'olani Community College was also all that I thought it would be - a beautiful campus, perfect weather and many things to do! And the teachers, my classmates and all the people I met really had the Aloha-spirit. To be able to sit on the beach and do homework was a dream come true.

"To be able to study at two different places in America was so much fun! And to be able to study different classes to figure out what I want to do and what I enjoy in my life was a really good experience for me! I got to try a lot of different and fun things that I probably never would have tried in my country.

"All the teachers and advisors I have come in contact with during my year abroad have really been super helpful. The support from them, my family and all the new friends that I met made this study abroad year the best year of my life."