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The Career and Advising Center at Green River College offers comprehensive career and education planning resources for current and prospective students, alumni and community members. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and we look forward to meeting you in person. Our mission is to foster success by assisting our diverse community as they clarify, develop, and plan their career and education pathways. Our services, resources, and programs are designed to inform, support, and encourage individuals to be self-directed in attaining their goal.

  • Career Planning Services

    The Career Planner at Green River assists students in discovering and clarifying career goals and linking them with educational and training programs. We offer numerous career assessments, resources for exploring labor market information and a variety of career related workshops and individual appointments.

  • Students wanting assistance with their job search (e.g., Résumés, Cover Letters and Interviewing) should visit the Job Search Web Center. Employers interested in providing internship and/or job opportunities for Green River students using our online job posting site are also encouraged to contact the Job Search Web Center.

  • Educational Planning Services

    Educational Planners at Green River provide academic and professional and technical advising. The educational planning process will help you develop educational plans, interpret program requirements, choose a program of study, and plan for transfer to a 4-year institution. 


Meet the Staff

The team in the Career and Advising Center are dedicated in supporting students to navigate higher learning to achieve their educational and/or career goals.

Amy Davidson - Program Specialist

  • Employed at Green River since: 2012
  • Education: Pursuing B.A. in Social Sciences at Central Washington University
  • Specialty: Student Services
  • Notable Fact: Amy enjoys travel, cooking and quoting lines from movies like Young Frankenstein and The Princess Bride. Her long term career plan includes living in a house on a beach and getting paid to spend her time writing stories with happy endings.
Amy Davidson

Aileen Arsenio - Program Coordinator

  • Employed at Green River since: 2015
  • Education: B.A. Comparative Ethnic Studies from Washington State University
  • Speciality: Student Services

Srey Chea - Transfer Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2008 - 2011; Outreach Coordinator, September 2014 - present; Educational Planner
  • Education: B.A. Urban Studies from the University of Washington
  • Specialty: Transfer Advising
  • Notable Fact: I enjoy riding my 150cc scooter when weather permits.   
picture of Srey Chea

Rozella Cruz - Academic Standards and Retention Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2016
  • Education: M.A. in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations, University of Westminster, M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, Western Governors University
  • Specialty: Academic Standards/Retention

Paul Mueller - Career and Technical Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 1994
  • Education: M.A. in Education
  • Specialty: Career and Technical Advising
  • Notable Fact: Commutes by bicycle

Phil Smith - Transitions & Career/Technical Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2008
  • Education: B.A., M.A. in English, M.A. in Education
  • Specialty: Transitions advising
  • Notable Fact: Phil is interested in backgammon, opera and jazz, traditional Northwest Indian weaving, Chinese health and movement arts, such as  Chi Kung and Tai Chi, among other things.

Josh Staffieri - Career Specialist  and General Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2007
  • Education: B.A. in Psycholog from the University of San Diego, M.S. in Education and College Student Personnel from Miami University, Ohio
  • Specialty: Career Planning; New students advising; Occupational and Physical Therapy advising; Generalist
  • Notable Fact: Josh has been helping students with their educational and career development since 2002 in both public, private, four-year and two-year higher education institutions.  He utilizes a number of career self-assessments, and is Green River's resident expert for Gallup's breakthrough assessment, StrengthsQuest, a tool that helps identify individuals' top five talents. Josh is a Southern California native who is still looking for a Washington State beach completely void of rocks.

Yasi Raouf- Educational Planner Health Occupations

  • Employed at Green River since: 2016
  • Education: B.A. English and Law from University of Washington, M.Ed. in Student Development Administration from Seattle University
  • Speciality: Health Occupations
  • Notable Fact: Yasi started out a nursing major, then changed to nutrition, then to business, and then finally landed on English-and even then decided to add another major! Yasi has lived in 4 countries.
Yasi Raouf portrait

Allison Warner - Director of Career and Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2004
  • Education: B.A. Psychology from the University of Washington, Seattle, M.Ed. in Student Development Administration at Seattle University
  • Specialty: Transfer, First-Quarter, Completion
  • Notable Fact: Prior to working in education, Allison worked in public relations and originally studied to be a primatologist.

Lady Ivory Boyd - First Quarter and Transfer Advising

  • Employed at Green River since: 2015
  • Education: B.A. in  Psychology, M.Ed  in Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Specialty: First Quarter Advising and Transfer 
  • Notable Fact: I'm passionate about helping others grow personally and professionally. I'm a foodie who enjoys going on walks and hikes, photography, cooking, travel, and I love my Golden fur child!
Lady Ivory Boyd

Kirsten Weber - General Advising

    • Employed at Green River since: 2010 - 2013, Oct 2015 - Present
    • Education: B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University, M.Ed. in Student Development Administration, Seattle University
    • Speciality: Generalist, Transfer advising
    • Notable Fact: Kirsten orginally wanted to be a Marine Biologist but after an internship working with whales, seals and a walrus, she realized she liked people better than animals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and if she happens to get a rare moment alone you'll probably find her baking some sort of sweet treat or trying to catch up on sleep.
Kirsten Weber

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register?

You will be required to wait to register for your classes until your registration access time, or any time after. The time assigned to you is based on how early you submitted your admissions application or how many credits you accumulated. You can find this registration access time by going to Online Services, and then Register for Classes. The first link says Registration Access Time. Click on this link and provide your SID and PIN number to show your time to register.

What classes should I take?

Degree Audit is an online advising tool that allows you to view degree and certificate requirements and track your completed coursework towards completion of chosen degrees or certificate programs. Once logged in, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select the degree or certificate you are working on. Make sure to click expand all to see all requirements and options for classes to take. If you are exploring programs and/or undecided, consider taking some of our online assessments and meeting with a Career Planner to discuss yoru results and/or options.

Who is my advisor?

You can view your assigned advisor by going to the Registration Access Time link under Online Services. Click on this link and provide your SID and PIN number to show your time to register and below the time will be the name of your assigned advisor.

What is my student email address?

Your free and required e-mail account comes from the Associated Students of Green River College, ASGRCC. Using your student e-mail will help you keep up-to-date on Green River information and events as well as communicate with faculty and other Green River students. You can find the instructions to look up and activate your Green River e-mail here.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due in full within four business days of registration. Students may also sign up for a payment plan called STEP and make the first of three installments within four business days of registration for classes. The only exception is registration for fall quarter. Registration begins in May for summer and fall quarters. Fall tuition and fees are due in full in early August or sign up for STEP. After the early August deadline, payment is due in full within four business days of registration. Student using funding sources such as Financial Aid and Workforce Education should contact those offices within four business days of registration.

What textbooks do I need?

See the online bookstore to look up textbooks for the current quarter, Paper Tree Bookstore.

Where do I go for my eLearning class?

On the main webpage, click on academics and then on the right side of the page there is a link for eLearning. This will take you to the eLearning website with login instructions and steps for eLearning classes. Please remember to login at 12:00 p.m. or later on the first day of the quarter to access your eLearning course.

Do I need to apply for graduation?

Once you have completed the required coursework for your program of study, Green River College will post the earned certificate or degree to your transcript. It is your responsibility to verify you are enrolled in the correct program of study.

When you are close to completing your educational program you should complete and return an Intent to Graduate form. This would be approximately two quarters before you plan to graduate. You may run an online degree audit to monitor your progress.

Approximate dates for students planning to complete at the end of the following quarter:

  • Summer-April
  • Fall-April
  • Winter-October
  • Spring-January

The Intent to Graduate form is available online on the Enrollment Services forms page.

To indicate your intent to graduate, submit the following to Enrollment Services:

Credential evaluations will be e-mailed to your Green River student e-mail address. There is a minimum of two weeks to process the request.

When should I see an advisor?

It depends. If you are assigned a faculty advisor then you can look up his/her contact information online, including office hours to schedule an appointment. If you are not assigned a faculty advisor, a great time to schedule an appointment with one of the advising staff is the second week through the fourth week of the quarter.

Can I change my program of study?

Yes, but first check with your funding source, if applicable, to make sure they will still cover your new program. Once confirmed, you can your program of study by visiting either the Career and Advising Center or the Welcome Center.

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