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Important Information Issue No 79| Winter Quarter | March/April 2012


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International Student College Experience

international student college experience

New International Student College Experience course prepares students for academic success.

By Charlotte West

Beginning fall quarter 2012, Green River College International Programs will be offering a new International Student College Experience course, which will be required for all new students. The class will prepare students for academic success and give them the essential information and practical skills that will help make their transition to the US as seamless as possible.

"We developed this program to help better prepare our international students for the American classroom. It will give them very specific skills and knowledge they will need in subsequent quarters," says Vivette Beuster, IESL Core faculty member and program founder.

The International Student College Experience course is specially designed as a hybrid class (1 hour online and 2 hours in class per week for 11 weeks) to familiarize students with the various education delivery modes used at the college: online, classroom, and hybrid.

"We have designed this specifically as a hybrid class with both online and classroom instruction so students are prepared for all three learning modes," explains Mark Blaisdell, an economics professor who developed the curriculum together with Vivette Beuster.

The course will be taught by one instructor and there will be a variety of guest speakers such as alumni, current students, and other experts on a wide variety of relevant topics. The subjects covered will include an introduction to the US education system, American classroom and study expectations, and how to get involved in leadership, volunteer, and outside-of-class activities that are essential when applying to universities.

By the end of the quarter, students will have a personalized GRCC degree and university transfer plan that will help them go to their preferred university, a list of college resources and knowledge of how to take advantage of them and a set of new skills that will help them perform successfully in class and accelerate their academic progress.

Green River College's International Student College Experience is one of the most comprehensive introductions to American campus life provided by any community college in the United States. The program is intended to jump start the university transfer process in close collaboration with faculty members and academic advisors.

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