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College Council Ad hoc Committees

The College Council, as it deems necessary, may create committees to address ongoing, unique or specific Campus matters. These could be in the form of a standing committee, ad hoc committees or task forces.


Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee meets monthly to discuss the creation and development of the College Council Constitution.

Constitution Committee Members:

  • Leslie Kessler, Faculty Council Representative
  • Paul Mueller, Exempt Council Representative, Council Chair
  • Yvonne Huang, Classified Council Representative
  • Josh Gerstman, Administrator Council Representative

Innovation Fund Recommending Committee

Innovation Fund

Do you have an idea for helping Green River College achieve greater enrollment, completion, diversity and equity?

Interim President Scott Morgan has established the Innovation Fund to support these ideas and assist the College in reaching its goals. Proposals may be submitted by Green River faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to submit their ideas in collaboration with a staff or faculty member. The supporting employee must be listed as a participant on the application along with their contact information. Simply complete the proposal application form, and submit it to the Participatory Governance Coordinator. The next round of applications are due by 5 p.m., Monday, Oct. 2, 2017. The Innovation Fund Recommending Committee will then review your submittal and make its recommendation.

  • 2016-2017 Innovation Fund Allocation Summary Report

Innovation Fund Recommending Committee Members:

  • Student: Harjot Singh
  • Student: Alex Fleming
  • Faculty: Sidney Weldele-Wallace
  • Faculty: Dan Sorensen
  • Classified: Julie Spiers
  • Exempt: Sarah Postel
  • Administrator: Leslie Moore
  • Ex-Officio: Fia Eliasson-Creek
  • Co-Chair: Deb Casey
  • Co-Chair: Rebecca Williamson

Innovation Fund Application Form & Rubric

Frequently Asked Questions

Need College data to support your proposal? Please send requests to the Interim Director of Planning and Research.