ACT Purpose & Members

ACT Purpose & Members

ACT Purpose
  • Emergent:
    • Provide a structured positive method for addressing student behavior that impact the campus community
    • In collaboration with the campus community, identify, assess, and support students who may be in distress or display concerning behavior;
    • Initiate appropriate measures to support the student and campus community;
    • Coordinate activities with other initiatives/programs to support students;
    • Provide consultation, support, recommendations, and intervention assistance to campus members to help students and manage situations or behaviors, preferably before they repeat, escalate, or become threatening or acts of harm to self or others;
    • Collect, assess, and track reports and information about student behaviors to identify and respond to patterns of behavior or trends, including gaps in service(s) and support for students, and;
    • To provide consultation, referral, and support to faculty and staff.
  • Educational:
    • Proactively build and sustain community with a comprehensive, collaborative team;
    • Educate and empower the campus community to recognize, report, manage, and effectively address concerning, problematic, disruptive, threatening, and/or harmful behaviors;
    • Support students via educational, rather than punitive means, according to established protocols and transparent procedures while protecting the privacy and rights of individuals;
    • Provide training and education as we work together to promote student and community wellness and success;
    • Assess, evaluate, and evolve ACT functions and protocols while identifying and refining best practices.
ACT Members
  • Devon Klein, Faculty Counselor
  • Liz McKinney, Faculty Counselor
  • Matthew Cullen, Faculty Counselor
  • Lionel Candido Flores, Interim Dean of College & Career Pathways, Health Sciences, Education & Wellness
  • Philip Hernandez, Director of Student Housing
  • Chad Day, Assistant Director of Campus Safety
  • Shawn Percell, Director of Judicial Affairs
  • Jeremy Snyder, Director of International Housing, Health, and Safety
  • Derek Ronnfeldt, Director of Campus Safety
  • Burl Battersby, Kent Campus Director
  • Natalie Barbero, Director of Disability Support Services
  • Kelsey Barrans, Director of Transformational Wellness and Benefits Hub
  • dani crivello-chang, Dean of Campus Life – Co-Chair
  • David Larsen, Dean of Enrollment and Completion – Co-Chair



Alcohol & Other Drugs

Click here for information about Narcan (Naloxone HCI) Opioid Overdose Response.

Contact Campus Safety

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: From any campus phone, dial 3350. All other phones 253-288-3350.

Safety Requests:

Director of Campus Safety & TransportationDerek Ronnfeldt

Alerts & Notifications

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