Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedures

The Green River College Policies and Procedures Manual provides the College community with a written record of current Board of Trustee and College policies and procedures. Although the manual was established primarily to guide and assist employees in performing their assigned functions, many policies in the manual have wide applicability to both academic and administrative areas, campus employees, or the activities of the College as they relate to students, alumni, the community and the general public.

Policy Development Process

Green River College follows a prescribed Policy Development Process for establishing both College and Board Policies. This allows for proposals to be vetted by College leadership and the College Community prior to implementation.

A template for proposed policy is available Policy Planning Template(downloadable .pdf). 



Policies are written expressions of Green River College's philosophy, and have been established to provide direction to employees and other members of the Green River community in conducting College affairs. Policies are intended to provide information and direction. They determine the major values upon which the College functions must operate.


Procedures are the prescribed means of accomplishing policy. Procedures are statements that describe specific actions to be taken to conform with established general policies and allow for the orderly implementation of these policies. They are intended to provide the College community with guidelines, and where appropriate, ensure uniformity, compliance and control of all policy related activities.




Policies under review and available for public comment can be found on the Policy Review page.

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