Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the college’s mission, vision, and values as articulated in the College's Equity-Center Strategic Plan and its commitment to student success by providing accurate, timely, and actionable information to facilitate evidence-based inquiry, decision-making, and planning to improve institutional effectiveness and support continuous improvement.

Green River College Mission, Vision & Values

Green River College 2021-2026 Equity-Centered Strategic Plan



Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets provide a quick summary about the College's enrollment, student characteristics, and faculty and staff.

Student Outcomes Data


Contact Us

Charlie Crawford, PhD 
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
253-833-9111, ext. 3347

Yun Peng
Institutional Research Analyst
253-833-9111, ext. 6643

Jacob Church
Data Analyst
253-833-9111, ext. 6641

Ava Karami
Institutional Research Analyst
253-833-9111, ext. 6642

Lola Aliu
Institutional Research Analyst
253-833-9111, ext. 3344

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