Distance Placement Proctoring Request

Instructions for Taking Placement Assessments

Green River College offers our placement assessments online and in-person. Below are the instructions for taking the assessments. Remember that students who are retaking an assessment online will need to fill out the retake request form. Please see the Retakes section below for more information about retakes.

In-Person Placement Assessments

Students who would like to take their assessments in-person can come to the Placement & Testing Center located in the Student Affairs building. No assessments will begin an hour and a half before closing. Please see our in-person hours by going to www.greenriver.edu/testing.

Non-Student Green River College Assessment Fee

Beginning June 10, 2023, assessment testers who are taking an assessment for non-placement purposes for Green River College will need to pay a $10 fee per assessment. Fees can be paid at the Student Financials (Cashiers) Office located in room 266 at the Student Affairs and Success building or by calling (253)288-3399.

If you plan on being a student, or are currently a student, at Green River College you do not have to pay this fee.

College Success Reading Assessment (English Placement Exam)

  1. College Success works best using Google Chrome
  2. ALL pop-up blockers must be disabled before you take your assessment(s)
    • If using Google Chrome, go to chrome://settings/content/popups
    • Make sure the slider is to the right to ensure pop-ups are allowed
  3. Go to: https://college.measuredsuccess.com
  4. On the login page, click on the “Student Self-Registration” button on the bottom right
  5. In the Institution drop down menu on the next page select “Green River College”
  6. Select the Site:  Main Campus
  7. Enter the Site Password: VAN144237
  8. Then complete the rest of the student profile
  9. Once the registration form is completed, click the “Submit” button
    • Click “OK” to confirm 
  10. After confirming, you will automatically be logged into College Success
    • You will be sent an email from McCann testing with your login information
  11. You will be presented with the End User Service Agreement
    • Click “Accept”
  12. After accepting, you will be directed to your College Success dashboard
  13. On the bottom of the page, enter the test access code below and click “Submit”
    • Test Access Code: grcread
  14. After you click Submit, the test will appear on your dashboard
  15. Click on the “1-Reading” assessment to start your assessment

For more info about the College Success Assessment, please click this link: College Success Assessment

Placement Levels

Placement is available in the following courses with the appropriate minimum score

50-71 TS 062-086* 
72-90 ^ ENGL 097 
91-94 ^ READ 104/ENGL 099 
95-100 ^ READ 104/ENGL 099 or ENGL& 101/ENGL 117 
101-150  ENGL& 101 

^ A score of 72 or higher makes students eligible for the Directed Self Placement assessment for the next higher level course
*International students only: a score of 50-71 places you into IP 098, contact your advisor for registration questions.
** International students only: a score of 72-81 gives you a choice between ENGL 097 or IP 098, contact your advisor to discuss your options.


WAMAP Math Entrance Exam

WAMAP - Practice Site Information


To take your WAMAP Math Assessment you will need to know the course level you wish to take. It is highly recommended that you use our practice site to help you determine the course level you are prepared for. You can access the WAMAP practice site by following these steps:

  1. Go to www.wamap.org
  2. Click on "Register as a new student"
  3. Enter your information
    • The Course ID is 12499
    • There is no Enrollment Key
    • You may see a "Browser Check" page. If so, click the "Continue with Image-based display" button.
  4. Login to the account you created
  5. Click on "GRC Math Placement Review"
  6. Click on the class you want to test for
  7. Click the "Pre-Test" link to start your pre-test

When you know the level you would like to test into, please follow the instructions below to take the WAMAP. 

WAMAP - Set-up for the Exam that will Count for Placement

You may have this link open while testing to help input your answers:  https://www.wamap.org/wamap/info/enteringanswers.php

For more info about the WAMAP Math Assessment, please click this link: WAMAP Math Assessment


Retake policies apply to all assessments taken remotely - scores that do not follow the policy waiting periods are not valid and will not be recorded for course eligibility. 

  • To retake College Success or the same level of WAMAP, you must fill out the Distance Placement Proctored Request - Retake form. You will be locked out of testing until your test has been reset. Please allow two business days for the request to be processed - we are not processing requests over the weekend. Once you receive confirmation email that your test has been reset you may retake it. 
  • After taking the assessment one time you must wait one (1) day to take it a second time, then seven (7) days to take it a third time, then 30 days to take it a fourth time.
  • To take a new level of WAMAP, one you have never taken, you must wait one day before attempting to take the new level and request a new Access Password. If multiple WAMAP assessments are taken for different levels on the same day, the first attempt will count.

Troubleshooting During Your Testing Session

If you are taking your assessment during our regular hours of business, you may call us at (253) 288-3449, or join our Zoom Lobby at Zoom Link. Our hours can be found at www.greenriver.edu/testing. We will not be able to assist you if you are testing outside of these hours. You can email a description of the issues you may be having, with a screenshot, to placement@greenriver.edu and we will respond to your email the next business day.

If you have any questions during this process please do not hesitate to reach out to us.