Why See an Advisor?

Eight Reasons to See an Advisor Today

1. You Want to Graduate

Advisors can help you monitor your degree progress, create an academic plan and double check that you are meeting your degree requirements.

2. You Want to Save Money

Advisors can help you identify and connect to funding options.

3. You Want to Invest in Your Education

Advisors can help you maximize your investment in your education by helping you with goal setting, time management and referral to academic support services.

4. You Want to use Your Time Wisely

Advisors can help you map out a balance between school and life commitments by identifying suitable course loads and effective time management.

5. You Want to Plan for Life After Graduation

Advisors can help you identify academic and career goals, connect your academics to career or professional opportunities.

6. You Want Someone to Listen

Advisors want to listen, help you find a solution, they can also connect you with professional resources if you are struggling.

7. You Want to get Connected

Green River has a wide assortment of programs, resources, opportunities to get involved - sorting through these options can be overwhelming. An advisor can serve as your foundation as well as your central contact for referrals to other campus programs.

8. You Have Questions and Don't Know Where to Start

Advisors are available to help you navigate College as a new or returning student.