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Green River College uses Handshake, a free online job board to post full and/or part time positions for GRC students! 


Employers must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Employers must have a current business license to recruit on campus and/or to post a job on the job-site platform.
  • Employers MUST include a salary or salary range with your recruitment or posting. DOE (Depending on experience) alone will not be accepted.
  • Only local or regional jobs may be posted on our website.
  • We require that you provide a safe environment for your employees.
  • Employers must be an equal opportunity employer and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We DO NOT accept the following jobs:

  • Private, in-home positions such as yard and/or house work, tutoring, childcare, eldercare, etc.
  • Multi-level marketing opportunities
  • Commission-only jobs
  • Opportunities that require fees for training or start-up, or that require the prospective employee to purchase products or equipment prior to earning a minimum wage
  • Marijuana based jobs are not being approved due to federal law.

Positions posted must comply with all federal and state affirmative action and equal employment opportunity regulations. We reserve the right to turn down any opportunity for valid reasons.


  • All internships must comply with the legal requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and
  • We recommend that all internships be paid positions. If offering an unpaid internship, the position must pass a six-prong test set by the US Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division to be in compliance with federal law.

Right of Refusal:

We reserve the right to refuse service if an organization has any unresolved investigations, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, or for any other reason.

The member institutions of the Puget Sound Consortium retain the right to refuse any employer or any job posting by any organization. Those organizations requiring candidates to invest, purchase/rent supplies, or pay a fee as a condition of employment are excluded from posting positions. Postings will only be approved from legal organizations and employers. Private, in-home positions such yard work, tutoring, childcare, etc. will not be approved for safety reasons.

Create Employer Account:

Off-campus Employers: 

  • If your company is new to Handshake visit the link to "Register New Company".
  • If your company is already in Handshake, your company name will pull up based on the domain of the email address. You can search for the company if it does not automatically appear. You will be able to click "request" to connect. If your company has "auto-approve" enabled you will be added immediately. If not, you'll have to be approved by an existing staff member. 
  • For additional help, visit Handshake's robust Employer Help Center.

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