Learning Outcomes Committee

The Learning Outcomes Committee (LOC) is a sub-committee of the Instructional Council. This means that each division may provide the committee with a representative. In addition to the division representatives, the committee is supported by an academic dean, and various adjunct members who offer their advice and expertise to meet the needs of the committee.

Committee Members

Julie Moore, Co-Chair
Learning Outcomes Committee
253-833-9111 ext. 4206

Kelsey Denton, Co-Chair
Learning Outcomes Committee
253-833-9111 ext. 4712

LOC Members:

  • Jake Frye (English)
  • Lisa Nelson (Health Sciences)
  • Samuel Krahn (Fine Arts)
  • Amanda Walsh (Transitional Studies & Wellness)
  • Allison Beckwith (Math)
  • Wendy Lundquist (Science)
  • Joy Crawford (Social Sciences)
  • Vance Graham (Technology)
  • Joshua Kessler (Humanities)
  • Brenda Bindschatel (Business)
  • Gary Peitsch (IEP)
  • Glen Martin (Trades)
  • Jamie Fitzgerald (Administration)
  • Fia Eliasson-Creek (Institutional Effectiveness)