How to add vaccination attestation in ctcLink

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Input COVID-19 vaccination attestation or exemption request in ctcLink

This guide will show you how to input your COVID-19 immunization information to confirm that you have been vaccinated.

Note: Your screen may look different than the images you see in the directions below. The number of tiles you see and the options


  1.  Log in to ctcLink. 
    • Note: Immunization Attestation is not available in the mobile version ofctcLink. You must use the regularctcLink student portal by logging in at the link above. 
  2.  On thectcLinkStudent Homepage, click the Immunization Attestation tile. 
  3.  The COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation page will display. In the Vaccination Details section, select the immunization or exemption type from theImmunizationdrop-down list and input the date received in the Date Taken field.  If you submit an exemption request, you will be contacted to complete the process when it has been finalized. 
  4.  To input your second dose information, click the Plus [+] sign to add another row and repeat step 3.
  5.  In the Self Attestation section, click I Agree to change the slider from No to Yes, confirming that you agree with the statement. Note: Your record may be randomly selected for a verification audit, meaning that you would be asked to provide documentation to verify your immunization data.
  6.  In the Disciplinary Action section, click I Agree to change the slider from No to Yes, confirming that you agree with the statement.
  7.  Verify your information is accurate and click Submit to save.
  8.  Your information will be saved, but you will stay on the page. Click the ctcLinkStudent Homepage link at the top left of the page to return to thectcLink Student Homepage. 
  9.  You can return to the COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation page to make updates. For example, you can input information now about your first dose and return later to enter information about your second dose.

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