Color System

The Color System

Color plays an important role in the Green River College brand and identity. The colors below are recommended for various media. A palette of primary colors has been developed. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look of the Green River College brand identity across all platforms, including print and web, while creating a visual impact.

Whenever possible, the GRC logo should appear in GRC Green. It may also be reproduced in black or white. When appearing on a white or light background, the entire logo should be either black or PMSĀ® 369c. When appearing on a dark or black background, the entire logo should reverse out to white.

Primary Colors

As the college's primary brand color, Gator Green should be the dominant color used on outreach materials, campus club logos, and the like.

Gator Green


CMYK: 63/6/100/0

HEX: #6CB443

RGB: 108/180/68

color swatch of Gator Green

GRC Green


CMYK: 82/23/100/9

HEX: #2C882B

RGB: 44/136/43

Accent Colors

Supporting colors servce as functional options to the Gator Green. They are often used to highlight information, such as, time sensative dates and important information. Avoid using accent colors as the dominant color.

color swatch of Ever Green

Ever Green


CMYK: 80/0/100/56

HEX: #006225

RGB: 0/98/37

color swatch of Leaf Green

Leaf Green


CMYK: 20/0/91/0

HEX: #BBD416

RGB: 187/212/22

color swatch of Sunrise Orange

Sunrise Orange


CMYK: 6/80/100/0

HEX: #D14900

RGB: 209/73/0

color swatch of Sky Blue

Sky Blue

PANTONE: Pantone 279 C

CMYK: 69/38/1/1

HEX: #418FDE

RGB: 65/143/222

color swatch of Pine Cone

Pine Cone

PANTONE: Pantone Black C

CMYK: 26/31/35/72

HEX: #333333

RGB: 51/51/51


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