The Green River College Logo

Logo Use, Colors and Placement

Green River College’s logo is the keystone of our visual identity, the primary visual element that identifies us, and should be visible on all official College materials. Using the logo consistently will strengthen Green River College’s recognition among our community and enhance the world’s recognition of who we are.

The Logo

Green River College uses one logo to strengthen its identity and public image.

While each office, department or service may be special, all are part of this college and therefore share the same primary logo.

Although individual logos for specific departments are not used, other art solutions may be developed to give a distinctive look while retaining the main college branding.

As the principle element of our brand identity system, the Green River College logo must always be displayed in a uniform manner.

image showing three color versions of the Green River College logo

Logo Usage

  • The logo must be reproduced from a high-resolution digital artwork.
    • Never use logos found online from a web search.
    • High-resolution logos can be downloaded from our website (LINK).
  • As the primary graphic identity for the college, the formal logo must appear on all marketing and communications materials, including advertising, brochures, stationary, business cards and websites.
  • The logo may not be reconstructed or altered in any way.
    • This rule applies to all of the logo elements. The logo may only be printed in one color, using the primary college colors of Gator Green, Black or White.
    • Use the appropriate logo with the most contrast for highest visibility when printing on substrates with a metallic-like finish.
  • For special college-related programs or documents, it is appropriate to use metallic gold foil and metallic silver foil stamping to express higher quality, with the express permission of the Director of Creative Services.
  • Do not create secondary logos for outward facing, printed materials, and advertising. They are confusing to audiences and dilute our goal of creating a comprehensive overarching Green River College brand, and mutually reinforcing imagery.

Logo Colors

The color of our logo represents the landscape and spirit of the College. It reinforces our brand that unifies the campus, reaches our community and is a part of our name. Whenever possible, use Gator Green.

GRC Green

The color green is vibrant, fresh and is the most common color found in the natural world. Green River College’s buildings and pathways are nestled among beautifully landscaped gardens and groomed trails that lead to a breath-taking view of Mount Rainier. It is the primary and preferred color for the Green River College logo. 

View the Color System page for more information, including the PANTONE, CMYK, HEX and RGB color codes.

Anatomy of the Green River College Logo

image depicting the anatomy of the GRC logo including: Logomark (mountain and river), Wordmark (our college name), Anchor Line (connects the logomark and wordmark)

Clear Space

The clear space around the logo should be equal in size to the height of the “G” within the mountain.

image depicting the clear space required surrounding the Green River College logo using the


  • The logo should be placed at the bottom right quadrant of most printed marketing materials including, flyers, brochures and digital signage. For posters and pop-up banners, the logo can be placed at the top of the piece to be seen from a distance.
  • For folded brochures and pamphlets, place the logo on the cover towards the bottom and on the backside near the address and contact information.
  • Avoid placing the logo on a busy background that makes portions of it difficult to read.
  • Avoid placing the logo inside a bounding box, circle or any other shape. This includes borders.
  • Avoid placing the logo within a title or header. Instead, use the words “Green River College”.

Image showing four examples of the GRC logo placed correctly within a document.

Minimum Logo Sizes

To ensure legibility across a variety of media, we have determined the smallest visual size for print and web reproduction. For exceptions, submit a College Relations request (LINK) for assistance.

Size minimums ensure that the logo is legible on a variety of media.

General applications for print and on the web:

  • Minimum size for print reproduction: 1” wide
    Image showing the minimum size required for the Green River College logo when printed having a total width of at least one inch.

  • Minimum size for web reproduction: 97 pixels wide
    Image showing the minimum size required for the Green River College logo when used on the web as having a total width of at least 97 pixels.


Incorrect Logo Applications

Making changes to the logo is not permitted, includes distorting, cropping, adding elements, outlines, shadows, special effects, word art, altering color, changing fonts, tilting and altering the proportions of the logo anatomy.

Combining the logo with outside logos is not permitted, including taglines and creating your own department or program logo.

image providing ten examples of the Green River College logo being used incorrectly.

Creation of Subordinate Logos

Subordinate logos can be created for College Departments and Division, Student Organizations and Groups, and satellite campuses by College Relations, by submitting a request.

Unauthorized use of the College name or logo is not allowed.

Here’s an example of an approved subordinate logo:

image depicting a proper Green River College subordinate logo with the text

GRC Logo Downloads

Downloadable zip files of the Green River College logo will be available shortly (updated 05/20/2022). If you require the logo in an alterntiave format please contact Creative Services. For more information on the official GRC colors please visit the Color System page.

For Print

For use in any form of printed media (flyers, brochures, promotional items, etc.).

EPS Format

PNG Format

For Digital

For use in digital applications (PowerPoint, email, web, social, etc.).

PNG Format

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