The Green River College Seal

Green River College, District #10

image of the Green River College seal

Uses of the College seal

The Green River College seal should not be substituted for the Green River College logo.

  • College seal: Embossed, either in a document itself or in gold foil that is affixed to a document. The Board of Trustees must authorize any use of the College seal in this manner.
  • Diplomas and graduation materials: The Green River College seal may be used on diplomas approved by the College Registrar. The Executive Director of College Relations may also authorize the use of the College seal on other materials related to the granting of degrees.
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts for work performed at the College may be embossed with the College seal, under the authority of the College Registrar.
  • College accomplishments: The College seal may be used on documents and in other media that indicate accomplishment in or on behalf of the College. In such cases, the seal must be printed in black ink or in the color in which the rest of the document is printed.

The seal must be reproduced from high-resolution digital artwork. Please contact Creative Services (ext. 2301) to obtain artwork for use on an approved document.

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