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Green River College’s voice is human. It’s familiar, friendly, and straightforward. Our priority is explaining our programs and offerings while making it easy for potential learners to take the next step in advancing their lives so they can get on with their lives. We want to educate people without patronizing or confusing them.
One way to think of our voice is to compare what it is to what it isn’t. Green River’s voice is:

  • Fun but not silly
  • Confident but not cocky
  • Smart but not stodgy
  • Informal but not sloppy
  • Helpful but not overbearing
  • Expert but not bossy
  • Weird but not inappropriate
Encouraging Harsh 
Welcoming  Political (liberal or conservative) 
Innovative  Authoritative 
Imaginative  Sexy 
Intelligent but approachable/humble (geek chic)  Feisty 
Warm  Spiritual 
Witty  Old-Fashioned 
Light-Hearted  Glamourous 


Green River College’s tone is usually informal, but it’s always more important to be clear than entertaining. When you’re writing, consider the reader’s state of mind. Are they relieved to be finished with classes? Are they confused and seeking our help on Social Media? Are they curious about an important date? Once you have an idea of their emotional state, you can adjust your tone accordingly.

Green River has a sense of humor, so feel free to be funny when it’s appropriate and when it comes naturally to you. But don’t go out of your way to make a joke—forced humor can be worse than none at all. If you’re unsure, keep a straight face.

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Below are helpful guides and information to use when writing for, or creating messaging, about Green River College.

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