Imagery and Photography

Imagery & Photography

We believe photography is worth more than a thousand words, especially with today’s social media and online presence. It effectively communicates a sense of place, tells our unique story and represents the personality of Green River College.

Photography should expose the diversity of interests and activities at the College. It should vary in place and subject matter and reinforce Green River’s friendly and open culture and student successes. Landmark images are most valuable when they also feature people and interaction.

Choose images carefully; the use of stock photography is not allowed in Green River College publications (print or electronic).

Guidelines for Photography

  • To engage your audience, photographs of people should be candid and authentic. Captured moments help viewers get an inside glimpse of Green River College and invite them to be part of the community.
  • To convey a sense of vitality and academic rigor, imagery should show activity and intellectual pursuit. Avoid passive shots.
  • To demonstrate the culture of collaboration, balance shots of individuals with ones that include more than one person.
  • To appeal to a broad audience, represent racial, ability, gender, age and professional diversity.
  • Use a variety of close-ups and wide shots. Close-ups create warmth and familiarity, while wide shots convey expansiveness.
  • A shallow depth of field adds intrigue. By focusing on a single subject the rest of the of the photo will be thrown into a soft focus.
  • When using photos of the campus, architectural structures or interior shots, give a sense of openness by lowering the horizon line or cropping images in a wide format.
  • Profile photographs should be friendly and approachable. Keep our website in mind when shooting your images. You may want to shoot additional images that can be used on your web page. Our banner aspect ratio is extremely narrow in height and there is always a title that appears in the center of your image.
  • Historic shots should be used sparingly.
  • Work with College Relations for art direction to ensure you capture images that will best work with the products or media you use.
  • Be sure to submit signed photo releases. We’d like to build a strong photo library and cannot use an image in print or website without it.

Incorrect Application of Graphics & Imagery

  • Do not display graphics or images in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Green River College of any product, service, or business, without written permission from the Executive Director of College Relations.
  • Do not use these graphics or images as part of a private or personal product, business, or service’s name.
  • Do not alter these graphics or images in any way, or combine them with any other graphics or images, without written consent from the Executive Director of College Relations at Green River College.
  • Do not use photos that are misrepresentative of a College area or division.
    • Example: Photos of practical nursing students cannot be used to promote other health science programs, like phlebotomy.


This is a friendly legal reminder that these graphics and images are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Photo Releases

Green River College Policy requires the use of a photo release for all photographs of students or other visitors to the Green River College campus.

Hard copies of all photo releases should be submitted to College Relations for archiving.

Photo & Video Release

Release of Works

The use of student, faculty, staff or community works: photography, videos, illustrations, paintings, multi-media art, sculpture, pottery, literary pieces, musical performances or compositions, or any other intellectual property must be accompanied by a “release of works” form.

Media Rights Release

Student, faculty, staff or community works cannot be used in conjunction with for-profit ventures or organizations.

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