How to Order Printing

College Relations Creative Asset Wizard

Ordering Prints

To begin your print order, simply click on the “Order Printing” tab next to the “Approvals” tab. This will generate instructions and an interface for sending your print-ready PDF.

Green River Printing is set up to receive all print-ready documents created from the Creative Asset Wizard. When placing your order, it’s very important that the printer receives the information below. Enter the following information in the “File Instructions” field.

  • Quantity (business cards come in boxes of 250, 500 and1000)
  • Expected delivery date and time of day (if applicable). If you are attending an event and need your business cards by a certain day, please provide that information here.
  • Budget code and signing authority name
  • Your mailstop and/or office number

Screen from within Design Conductor for ordering prints of business cards.
Design Page » “Order Printing” Tab

When you have completed the “File Instructions” field, click the “Send File Now” button to submit the order.

This will notify Green River Printing (GRP) that there is a new card order ready to printed!

Once your order is processed, GRP will send you an email with an attached PDF production proof for you to review and approve. This step is important because every once in a while PDF’s do unexpected things, such as dropping characters or substituting fonts.

When your approval email has been sent, you can expect your business cards to be delivered within 3 business days.

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