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Official Green River College photos are available through our online photo library. Photos are available as high-resolution, 300dpi jpegs, suitable for most uses or can be saved at other sizes.

Please Note: The Green River College photo library is a work in progress and some locations/areas may not currently be represented. Additional photos will be added as they become available.

Photo Use

Photos available through the online Green River photo library have been approved by College Relations for use in official Green River College materials. If you have a question about photo use please contact College Relations.

Library Organization

Photos are primarily organized within location based folders (Main Campus, Kent Campus, etc.), followed by either sub-folders or galleries based on the primary subject of the photo (location, landmark, event, etc.). Keywords are applied to each photo, allowing for easier search and discovery.

Example: A photo of Cedar Hall is uploaded to the “Cedar Hall” gallery, located within the "Main Auburn Campus" / "Locations" folder. The photo would be tagged with the "Cedar Hall" keyword, and additional keywords such as "2018" or "Students" depending on when the photo was taken and other subjects the photo contains. 

Searching for Photos

Find photos by browsing folders and galleries within the photo library, or by searching for specific keywords.

  • Photo galleries within folders are sorted by name alphabetically, A-Z.
  • Photos are sorted by date taken in descending order, newest to oldest.
  • Use keywords to find photos through the search tool or the keyword cloud (a list of commonly used keywords). When using the keyword cloud you can find related keywords, or combine keywords to find specific types of photos.
  • Quickly find the latest additions to the photo library by viewing recently updated galleries.

Downloading Photos

Photos found within the Green River College photo library may be downloaded as high resolution jpegs or at a variety of sizes. 

Downloading High Resolution Photos

Cropped screenshot of the Green River College photo library photo page, with a large green arrow pointing to the

To download a high resolution photo click the “download” button, located to the right below a photo, and select where you would like to save the photo on your computer.

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