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Below are some of College Relation's most commonly requested projects and estimated completion times. College Relations is able to assist with a variety of projects that may not be listed below. If you have a specific type of project in mind that is not listed below please contact us!

Please Note: Project times can vary depending on the content provided and project request details. These times are estimates based on when a project is started. Accepted project requests will be converted into active projects as scheduling allows.

Graphic Design

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Brochure (Multi-page) 4-8 Weeks
Digital Signs 2 Weeks
Half Sheet Flyers (5.5" x 11")  2 Weeks
Full Page Flyers (8.5" x 11") 2 Weeks
Posters (11" x 17")  2 Weeks
Postcard  3 Weeks
Screensavers  2 Weeks

Business Collateral

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Business Cards 4 weeks
Nametags 4 Weeks
Letterhead 4 Weeks
Envelopes (#10) 4 Weeks
Envelopes (9x12)  4 Weeks

Video Production

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Motion Graphics Video  4 Weeks
Scripted Video 4 Weeks
Testimonial Video 3-4 Weeks
Update to Existing Video 2-3 Weeks

Web Services

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Content Manager Training 12 days
Basic Page Update 4 Days
Advanced Page Update 8 Days
Section Redesign 3 Weeks
New Page 2-3 Weeks
New Section (Multiple Pages) 3 Weeks
Short URL creation 3 Days
Calendar Event Approval 3 Days

CommunicationsMarketing Services

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Gator News Article 2 weeks
Press Release 2 weeks
Advertising Campaign 6 Weeks
Brand Guidance 3 Days
Logo Usage Approval 3 Days

Social Media

Project TypeEstimated Project Duration
Request Post 12 Days
Pair Advertising 12 Days
Account consultaion 3 Days


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