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Green River College uses social media to share stories about who we are and what we do, while also building community relationships, and sharing updates about the college.

College Relations manages Green River’s main social media accounts, while also providing support for other areas of the college that maintain a social media presence. The GRC Social Media Style Guide provides additional support and information for managing social media accounts, maintaining brand identity, best practices, and guidelines.

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Social Media Services

Using social media to support enrollment and retention, drive community engagement, and increase awareness in our community.

To request a social media service, please submit a project request and choose "social media" from the drop down.

Institutional Accounts

For areas of Green River College that have, or wish to have, their own social media presence, College Relations is available to consult on best practices for setting up and maintaining social media accounts.

Estimated Project Duration: 3 Days

Paid Advertising

College Relations can help with the creation and implementation of a paid advertising campaign to promote Green River College related programs or activities. Requires an approved budget code.

Estimated Project Duration: 12 Days

Social Media Post Requests

Green River College’s social media channels can be utilized to help communicate information to students and our community. Please note that we are not able to accept all post requests. Post requests must align with the goals for the primary social media channels, posting schedule, and be applicable to all students or the greater community.

Estimated Project Duration: 12 Days

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