Video Production

College Relations

About Video Production

Videos are a great way to inform the community about the services offered across campus, as well as to engage and entertain your viewers.

Whether it’s a student testimonial that tells a powerful story, a scripted training or educational video to include on a program’s webpage or a promotional animation for a social media campaign, Creative Services can help bring your vision to life.

Our experienced staff will plan your production from the ground up, capture all of the important details, and edit a complete, concise video package for you to share. Learn more about the services we offer below:

Testimonial Video

Testimonials are a powerful tool for projects big or small. Creative Services will produce and record interviews with the talent, then edit the video using supplemental footage, music and graphics to tell an engaging story for your audience. These are typically shared from YouTube over email or social media.

Estimated Project Duration: 3-4 weeks

Scripted Video

If you have an existing script or message that you need help crafting, College Relations provides writing and copy-editing services. We will utilize a teleprompter to record the talent and identify the best take, then combine everything together seamlessly. These are typically embedded on Green River web pages.

Estimated Project Duration: 4 weeks

Motion Graphics Video

Don’t want to be in the spotlight? Creative Services will record your voice in the sound booth, or just find the perfect music, then match it with photos, animated motion graphics, or additional video to create a professional finished product. These are typically shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Estimated Project Duration: 4 weeks

Update to Existing Video

Creative Services will rework existing video assets to create a fresh new product with updated clips, informational data, graphics or college-approved branding.

Estimated Project Duration: 2-3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you record a specific event?
Creative Services typically produces marketing videos for external audiences. Classroom lectures, student presentations, event coverage, and other internal video requests should be submitted to Media Services.

How long will my video be?
Video length is dependent on the amount of content recorded, the video format, and the audience that you are targeting. Marketing videos intended for social media will generally be in the 1.5 minute range, while educational, training, or more in-depth video features can extend past that as needed.

What deliverables do you offer?
Video drafts will be sent as a private WorkFront link for your review and input. Once approved, final videos will be published on the GRC YouTube channel with closed captions, and can be shared over email, social media, or by embedding in a web site. Files or optical media are available as needed.

What should I wear to an interview?
You should plan to wear solid colors, avoid loose jewelry and hats, and style hair out of the face. Glasses are optional.

Do I need to memorize anything for an interview?
You will be given questions in advance of the interview, however memorizing answers is discouraged. The interview will be conducted in a conversational way to encourage natural sound bites. Any mistakes made will be edited out in post-production, so that you will look and sound as good as possible!

Can you use a particular song in the video?
Music tracks require written permission from the copyright holders to be used. However, Creative Services has a library of over 8000 tracks of production music that we can utilize for your project across a wide variety of genres.