Adding content to a page

Creating and adding Content to a Section

Select a section in the Site Structure to open it. Alternatively, click Actions then +Create Content.

Click on the Content tab. The Content tab will look like this:

Screenshot showing empty content field

Select the green Create Content button to add content.

The next screen allows you to choose a content type for your page.

Screenshot showing content selection field

Select the content that best fits your needs. If given the option between one or two column content, be sure to select the version that matches your page's layout to ensure correct formatting.


Use the Content Editor to add formatting like bulleted lists and headlines to the page to make it easy for web visitors to scan.

Highlight text and click “Add Link” to add links to your page.

image showing how to select link types in the CMS editor


Insert Section Link lets you to link to another section of the website.

Insert/edit external link lets you add links outside of the Site Structure or 

Once you've finished, check Save changes to save your file as 'pending' to preview how your content will look on the page and to progress it through workflow for Approval, or Save as draft to save your draft without publishing it to your site.

image showing how to save in the CMS editor

To add another piece of content to your site, select Add Content.

You can change the order that your content appears on your page by moving content files up and down in your section's content tab using the left arrows.

image showing how to move content in the CMS

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