CCAMPIS - Child Care Support

Get Help Paying for Childcare

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS) is an amazing opportunity for parents who are also pursuing certificates/degrees at Green River College. This award covers a portion of the total cost of childcare for most parents. Awards are calculated based on credits enrolled, EFC (expected family contribution) and out of pocket cost. (Please note: Green River does not have a childcare facility on campus.)

How will this help you and your child? 

  • Work toward achieving your academic goals and future economic security knowing your child is well taken care of and close by. 
  • Get your studying out of the way during the day so you can be a parent full-time when you go home.
  • The flexibility of our programs allows your child to stay in their current childcare program or you may choose your own provider so your child will be in the best of hands while you study. 

How to Apply 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Maintain a course load of at least 6 credit hours in each quarter
  • Maintain Good Academic Standing
  • You have a 2.0 GPA or better 
  • Pell Grant Eligible 
  • You are the legal, physical, custodial parent of the child
  • You are using a Department of Early Learning (DEL) licensed provider that is not related by blood or marriage to the student. (Check the status of your childcare provider at

Program Requirements 

When you’re involved with CCAMPIS you will need to: 

  • Maintain a minimum course load of 6-credit hours per quarter  
  • Meet at least once each quarter with the CCAMPIS Coordinator to discuss plans for a successful semester 
    • Maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) 
  • Complete FAFSA in a timely manner each year to ensure Pell Eligibility
  • Participate in the 1-credit parent education course/engagement activities through the Early Childhood Education department 
  • Notify the Project Director of any change in your enrollment status

Priority For Families Who Are 

Funding for the Child Care Assistance Program is limited to student parents with financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid based on your FAFSA application. We continue to re-assess and evaluate our funding levels throughout the quarter trying to meet the needs of as many student parents as we are able.


Funds are disbursed to students via direct deposit through the  GRC Student Financial Aid Portal after 10th day of the quarter.   The students will receive funds after their application was approved. 

The Child Care Assistance Program covers 3 full calendar months each quarter, regardless of the first/last day of the academic quarter, if child care costs were accrued.


GRC Child Care Application

Child Cost Verification Form

Childcare Provider Contact Information

For questions and inquires, Book an appointment with our CCAMPIS Program Specialist 


Sumaya Mohamed
CCAMPIS Program Specialist



Kelsey Barrans
Director of Transformational Wellness and Benefits Hub