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fall term 2022 return reminders / message from the president

By Suzanne M. Johnson, September 6, 2022

Dear Green River College Community,

With Opening Day and the start of the 2022 Fall Term quickly approaching (quick reminder to register for Opening Day!), I want to take a moment to welcome the campus community and share a few reminders for the new quarter.

  • Green River College will resume normal in person operating hours today, Sept. 6:
    • The general hours of business operations will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students and staff will be able to access in-person services during college business hours.
    • Student support services will include in-person, hybrid, and online options. To connect with a specific department or office for virtual services, please visit the GRC Virtual Assistance (which can be found in the Quick Links menu on, as well as in the site navigation under “Students >> Get Started”).
    • Course offerings will include in-person, hybrid, and online options. To view current classes and format, view our online Class Search.
    • The faculty and staff parking program will resume Sept. 19, to purchase a parking permit please visit GRC Campus Safety’s Employee Parking page.
  • Masking is recommended. GRC continues to strongly recommend mask wearing indoors and will require masks in certain situations or locations (e.g., faculty designated classrooms, labs, offices, and non-instructional spaces). All students, faculty, staff, and community members should continue to bring a mask when visiting a GRC location.
    • Faculty and staff can require students to wear masks in their classrooms and other workspaces and agree to inform students before the first meeting of their in-person classes or when entering office spaces if they require masks or upon arrival.
    • Areas requiring masks are clearly marked and signage will be available to all faculty and staff to post. Post link:
  • Proof of vaccination, or approved exemption, is still required for all on campus classes, activities, work, or services. As a fully vaccinated college (defined by Proclamation 20-12.5 and Green River’s Fully Vaccinated Campus Policy, , which remains in effect), individuals who have received an approved medical or religious exemption must continue to wear a mask while on campus.
    • Students and employees will continue to be required to add their.
    • Faculty will continue to receive accommodation letters prior to the start of each quarter.
    • Student exemption request on file remains active and does not require the returning student to do it again unless there are changes to the reasons for an exemption.
    • The online-only declaration needs to be completed quarterly prior to the start of the quarter if students are in online-only format.
    • Accommodation letters for exempt students will be sent to faculty and exempt employee accommodations will be sent to supervisors on a quarterly basis.
    • Exempt employees and students are required to follow accommodations outlined in their approvals from HR (Human Resources) and SA (Student Affairs). Enforcement of accommodations are still in place through HR (Human Resources) and the student Code of Conduct process through Judicial Affairs.
    • Deans of instruction will work with the Health and Wellness Officer and/or other Student Affairs personnel if there is a need to adjust student accommodations for a particular class or class type.
    • Verifications of vaccination cards will continue throughout the fall quarters.
  • Contact tracing and direct communication with potentially exposed employees will continue following L&I guidelines
    • Employees should notify their GRC supervisor and Benefits Services if they test positive.
    • Students should contact their instructor(s) and Campus Safety.
  • Covid-related updates and information can be found online at, or in the site navigation under “Campus >> Covid Resources”).
  • Facilities will continue to be cleaned per current CDC (Centers for Disease Control), State of Washington, and King County Guidelines.
  • All buildings have the latest MERV 13 air filters and UV-C lighting to help purify the air throughout Green River buildings.
  • Contact Facilities in all primary areas of buildings and classrooms to replenish hand sanitizer stations and masks.

Thank you all. Looking forward to seeing you at Opening Day on Sept. 13!

Stay well,


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