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Student Affairs and Success Center expands as Welcome Center moves

By Philip Denman, May 17, 2017

Photo of Student Affairs and Success Center

With construction workers applying the finishing touches to Phase 1 of the Student Affairs and Success Center renovation, staff begins the process of moving from their offices across campus.

According to Deb Casey, vice president, Student Affairs, the change will improve the student experience by moving essential and vital student support services under one roof.

“We wanted to create a space that fosters seamless support from first touch point out in the community through completion of a student’s educational goals,” Casey said. “The Student Affairs and Success Center will provide a one-stop shopping experience while also providing students a communal space where they can connect our student success team, as well as other students.”

In order to make room for the new offices, the Student Affairs and Success Center required renovations.

New spaces—both for employees to work and students to congregate—were created; a new entrance was remodeled on the building’s south east corner; and the building’s infrastructure was updated. Some highlights include the a larger and more user-friendly, Running Start and College in the High School office, larger more robust Career and Advising Center and an updated Veterans Lounge, a new Completion Center and an updated HVAC system.

According to David Larsen, the updates will make for a better work environment for employees, while also improving the student experience.

“The advising line used to go out the door,” Larsen said. “The interior looks contemporary and more in line with the Mel Lindbloom Student Union, and other more recent buildings on campus, while providing the necessary space for our staff to serve and support students.”

Alongside the student support services, Campus Safety and The Current will also move into Student Affairs and Success Center.

Casey noted, a celebration of the new SA building renovation will occur during Opening week.

All office telephone numbers will remain the same. The departments and their new locations follow.

Career and Advising Center SA-104
Welcome Desk SA-120
Running Start SA-122
TRiO SA-211
Disability Support Services SA-210
Veteran’s Lounge SA-224
The Current SA-218A
Completion Center SA-105
Assessment and Testing Center SA-148
Campus Safety SA-156

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