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Course Descriptions

This section includes a brief description of each credit class offered on a regular basis by Green River College.

Classes are arranged in alphabetical order according to the college department that offers the class.

Each listing includes a course number, course title, number of credits awarded and course description. Prerequisites are also designated where appropriate.

Dept/Division Abbreviation
Accounting ACCT
Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing AAM
American Minority and Ethnic Studies AMES
Anatomy-Physiology AP
Anthropology ANTH
Astronomy ASTR
Automotive Technology ATECH
Aviation AVIA
Aviation Simulation A SIM
Basic Education BASIC
Biology BIOL
Business Administration B A
Business Management BUS
Business Technologies and Administrative Careers BTAC
Carpentry Technology CARP
Chemistry CHEM
Chinese CHIN
Communication Studies CMST
Computation ACOMP
Computer Science CS
Cooperative Education COOP
Court Reporting and Captioning CRC
Criminal Justice CJ
Design Drafting Technology D T
Drama DRMA
Early Childhood Education Development ECED
Economics ECON
Education EDUC
Emergency Medical Technician EMT
Engineering ENGR
English ENGL
English for Speakers of Other Languages ESOL
Environmental Science ENV S
Flight-Aviation Technology FLT
French FRCH
Geography GEOG
Geology GEOL
German GERM
Health Education HL ED
Health Science H SCI
High School Completion HSC
History HIST
Humanities HUMAN
Industrial Education INDUS
Industrial Engineering I E
Information Literacy INFO
Information Technology IT
Interdisciplinary Science IDS
Japanese JAPN
Journalism JOURN
Machining and Manufacturing Technology MFG
Maintenance Mechatronics MTX
Management/Mgmt MGMT
Mathematics MATH
Mathematics Jumpstart Module MATHJ
Mathematics Resource Module MATHM
Music MUSC
Natural Resources NATRS
Natural Science N SCI
Nursing NURSE
Nursing Assistant NRS A
Nutrition NUTR
Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA
Oceanography OCEA
Philosophy PHIL
Phlebotomy PHLEB
Photography PHOTO
Physical Education P E
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA
Physics PHYS
Political Science POLS
Prior Learning Assessment PLA
Psychology PSYC
Reading READ
Real Estate R EST
Social Science S SCI
Sociology SOC
Spanish SPAN
Study Skills ST SK
Technology TECH
Transitional Studies TS
Transitional Studies - Open Doors TS-OD
Wastewater Technology WWT
Water Supply Technology WST
Water Technology WTECH
Welding WELD