First Year Experience

Discover, Connect, Belong

The new First Year Experience program is designed to help students successfully transition to academic work to design their futures at and beyond Green River College!

Navigating your first year of college can be tough, but it doesn't have to be! Students enrolled in GRC's First Year Experience program's introductory College Success course (ST SK 110 - College Success) will be paired with peer mentors and tailored tools, strategies, and self-reflective experiences to help make vital campus connections and foster a sense of belonging from your first day forward.

Through the First Year Experience, you will identify and develop your own unique strengths and connect with and learn from students, faculty and staff with diverse and varied lived experience from across Washington and the world in order to excel personally, academically and professionally at Green River College and beyond!

Students who take this class will:

Get to know GRC

Learn how to navigate GRC’s virtual and physical campuses, deepen your understanding of college terms and resources, and engage proactively with our vibrant campus community.

Connect with Peer Mentors

Work with Peer Mentors to gain encouragement and new ways to approach your understanding of topics and resources.

Develop your professional self

Practice using specific tools for your professional toolkit, including how to have meaningful interactions with others (peers, staff, and faculty) in face-to-face and online settings.

Practice Academic Success Strategies

Boost your GPA with academic success strategies, including academic goal setting, syllabus literacy, time management skills, note-taking, study, and test-taking skills.

Foster Personal Well-Being

Practice personal toolkit and self-advocacy strategies to increase your mental, physical, and emotional well-being while building healthy social and academic networks to thrive as a GRC Gator.

Design Your Future!

Prepare actionable short- and long-term academic and career goals and plans with the support of key campus resources, including building relationships with your academic, career, and/or transfer advisors.

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