COVID-19 Employee Health Attestation

GRC is a fully vaccinated college and requires proof of vaccination, or approved exception, for any on campus class, activity, work or service. 

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Students who are not vaccinated, or do not have an exemption on file are strongly recommended to enroll in fully online courses, but may not participate in on-campus events, services, or activities. Students who are not coming to campus for support services, campus appointments, or any other campus activity (or who are out-of-state or outside the US) must submit an online-only declaration each quarter declaring or attesting you will not come to campus.  View our class schedules to see what classes we’re offering face-to-face, in-person hybrid, virtual hybrid, and fully online formats. 

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Employee Checklist for Campus

Requirements for Green River College Employees Working On-site

Employees who work on-site at a GRC work location are required to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Coronavirus Training requirements once a quater.
  2. All GRC staff and faculty are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This includes all full- and part-time staff, faculty, and student employees, regardless of whether they work on campus or remotely. This requirement is per Gov. Inslee's Proclamation 20-14.2. View vaccination requirements.
  3. Attest that they are symptom-free each scheduled work day.
  4. Wear all Personal Protective Equipment including masks as directed by CDC and Health Department.
  5. Maintain all Social & Physical Distancing requirements in work space
  6. Stay away from their work location if they are experiencing symptoms and therefore unable to complete the attestation.
  7. Follow their department’s normal call-in process to either take the day off or work from home when ill, as applicable.
  8. Contact Human Resources if:
    • diagnosed with COVID-19;
    • a healthcare provider instructs the employee to self-isolate because they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms;
    • they experience COVID-19 like symptoms; and/or
    • they have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 (even if not experiencing symptoms).

Completing the attestation

On each scheduled work day, employees who are expected to report to work at a GRC facility must complete an attestation to confirm they are not experiencing any of the symptoms outlined in the attestation. The attestation may be completed before coming to work, however the time to complete the attestation will not be considered work time unless it is done at their on-site work location. Employees without technology available at home to complete the attestation before coming to work should work with their department to identify the best means for completion.

Complete Health Check-in and Attestation Form

Experiencing Symptoms

Employees who are unable to complete the attestation because they are experiencing symptoms should do the following:

If the employee is at home, the employee must:

  1. Remain at home and not go to work when sick, even if the symptoms are mild.
  2. Notify their supervisor according to their department’s procedures.
  3. Contact their health care provider by phone.

If the employee is already at work, the employee must:

  1. Inform their supervisor that they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, leave work, and go home.
  2. Contact their health care provider by phone.

Whether the employee is at home or at work, employees need to contact their doctor and Human Resources if experiencing the symptoms in the attestation. This ensures appropriate contact tracing and employees are provided support in accordance with privacy regulations.

Employees may return to work on-site once they can attest they are not experiencing symptoms and have notified their supervisor/Human Resources they are able to return. Campus employees who have had COVID-19 may return to work on-site per the public health guidance provided by their health care provider. Other ill employees may return to work on-site 72 hours after fever ends, without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Information for supervisors

Employees unable to complete the attestation

If an employee directly informs you they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are unable to complete the attestation because they are experiencing symptoms, instruct the employee to:

  1. Go home, remain at home, or work from home.
  2. Request appropriate time off if not teleworking.
  3. Contact their health care provider by phone.
  4. Contact Human Resources.

If an employee reports a co-worker is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or you observe an employee exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, discuss what was observed, and if the employee acknowledges having the symptoms, instruct the employee to go home, contact their healthcare provider, and contact Human Resources for the employee’s work location.

If the employee provides a rationale for the symptoms, such as seasonal allergies, determine whether the response is reasonable in relation to what has been observed. Contact your HR consultant if you need assistance with making this determination on campus.

Monitoring attestations

Supervisors who have employees working on-site monitor attestation completion regularly and follow-up with individuals who are expected to be working on-site, have not completed their attestation, and have not requested or been approved for any time off.

Refusal to comply with requirements

These requirements are in place to comply with the direction of federal, state, and local authorities, and, more importantly, are in place for everyone’s health and safety. Departments should ensure all of their employees have a thorough understanding of these requirements. If an employee refuses to complete the attestation, the supervisor must:

  1. Contact Human Resources and protocols will be followed in the collective bargaining agreements or employee policies.
  2. Place the employee on unpaid time off (FLSA non-exempt). FLSA exempt employees who refuse to complete the attestation will not lose pay, however their refusal will be treated as a performance issue as noted in the collective bargaining agreements.