Japanese Instructor Bios

Josh Kessler


After living in Japan for four years (teaching English and studying Japanese), I decided to pursue an M.A. at San Francisco State University. After graduating in 2003, I did freelance translation (mostly anime scripts) and taught Japanese part-time. I have been teaching here at GRC since 2007 part-time and now full-time as a tenured instructor. I enjoy movies, gaming, and the occasional anime when I can. I also listen to a lot of music (post-rock, dark ambient, game soundtracks, etc.).

Takako Wolf


I have been teaching Japanese since 2012, when I received my M.A. in Japanese from Portland State University. On my days off, I enjoy cooking Japanese food (I love to eat!) and reading. When the weather is nice (which is rare in Seattle), I often go hiking. I would like you to learn not only the Japanese language but also the unique culture of Japan.