Preferred Names FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my chosen name used to create my Green River College issued student email account?

Yes! Whatever you input into the chosen name field in ctcLink will be used to generate your email account name.

Why does Green River College use chosen names on non-legal documents?

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and Green River College value and honor diverse perspectives, identities, and experiences. Green River College believes enabling students to use a chosen name supports and affirms the diverse needs of students, as well as ensures equity for marginalized populations. Referring to students by the name they wish to be called in classrooms and when interacting with college staff supports the goal of ensuring equity and inclusion for students.

What does a chosen name mean at Green River College?

The term “chosen name” refers to a name that an individual wishes to use which differs from their legal name on legal documents and/or differs from the name listed on a student’s original Green River College student record when it has not been changed legally.

Why would someone want to use a chosen name?

The reasons for choosing a name that may be different from a legal name are personal and different for each individual.

Students may have many reasons for asking to have their chosen names, over their legal names, displayed on non-legal documents:

  • Preferring to use a nickname or middle instead of their legal first name
  • Choosing a name that aligns with their gender identity
  • Desiring to use a “Western” or “Americanized” name rather than their legal name from another country
  • Wanting a preemptive name change while in the process of legal name change proceedings

Where will the chosen name appear?

✓ = Shows in Canvas ⊘ = Does not show in Canvas

LocationPreferred NameOfficial Name
Account Menu (Profile)  ✓  ✓ 
Personal Settings – “Display Name”  ✓  ✓ 
Canvas Inbox (sending messages)  ✓  ✓ 
Discussions - Viewing Posts* ✓  ✓ 
Peer Review  ✓  ✓ 
People (Class Roster)*  ⊘  ✓ 
Chat*  ⊘  ✓ 
Conferences*  ⊘  ✓ 
Note: Your instructor may choose to "hide" (not have visible in Canvas' menus) these options if your class is not making use of these features. 

Green River College is discussing the possibility of the chosen name appearing on Green River Student ID cards.

What documents will not have chosen names?

Legal names, not chosen names, will appear on diplomas, transcripts, official student accounts, financial aid records, certification documents, student employment records, and immigration/SEVIS documents.

Where will my legal/official name be used?

Your legal name will be used in business processes and other activities that require use of a legal name. These include:

  • Diplomas
  •  Transcripts
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • International Programs Documentation
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Financial Services Documentation
  • Student Employment Records
  • Federal Requests for Information
  • Academic Certifications
  • Veteran Administration Documentation

How do I update my official name on my college records?

  • Submit the change in writing. Complete a Student Information Change Request
    • Initiate the change. Signature is required.
      • Show documentation. A copy of a passport, marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, court order or other legal document must be attached to the request.

Do I have to use a chosen name?

No. Use of a chosen name is completely optional.

When will my chosen name go into effect?

You may provide Green River College with a chosen name or update your chosen name anytime. It will take 24-48 business hours for the update to appear in the applications provisioned for chosen names.

I have changed my name in ctcLink but it doesn't change in Canvas. How can I get that changed?

Contact eLearning

Are there any chosen name restrictions?

Chosen names may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. Green River College reserves the right to remove a chosen name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language.

Does a chosen first name affect my legal name?

No. Setting a chosen name does not change your official name.