Enrollment Appointment Access Times

Enrollment is the final step to securing classes for upcoming quarters. Once you have completed the admissions process and have been assigned an enrollment access time, you can enroll in classes online or in person. Dates to enroll for classes are announced by the college each quarter and published on the Green River website. 

New students who have applied to the college will be assigned an enrollment appointment during the new student enrollment cycle.

Currently enrolled students and returning students who have re-applied for admission, will be issued an enrollment access time determined by the number of credits earned at Green River and by any transferred-in credits from other institutions that have been evaluated by Green River.

Dates to enroll for classes are announced by the college for each quarter and published online.

Enrollment access times are available in your ctcLink account when:

  • Returning students-not currently enrolled who have re-applied for the quarter: may access their enrollment appointment time online two weeks prior to the start of the enrollment cycle or within 48 hours of re-applying once the enrollment cycle begins for the quarter. 
  • Currently enrolled students: may access their enrollment appointment time online, two weeks prior to the start of the enrollment cycle.

Waitlist Process

Students attempting to register for a class that is full have the option to place themselves on a waitlist. Enrollment Services will notify students by e-mail when they have been moved off the waitlist and into the class. Tuition is then due within four business days.

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No-Show Replacement Procedure

Beginning the first day of the quarter, faculty may replace students who are not in attendance and add students from the waitlist who are attending the class. The student not attending will be withdrawn from the class and notified via student e-mail. 

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Withdrawal & Refund Rules

The refund period for fall, winter and spring quarter is the first 15 calendar days of the quarter. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from the college or from individual courses. Students must withdraw online or submit a withdrawal/change of schedule form to guarantee the accuracy of their permanent records and to begin refund procedures when applicable.

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