Ordering Transcripts

Official Transcripts 

Green River College has partnered with Parchment to accept and process online orders for official transcripts. Official transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed in hard-copy format. Transcripts ordered online are processed in the order received and sent within 2-4 business days. This does not include delivery time, which will depend on where the transcripts are being sent and the timeliness of the US Postal Service. Please keep in mind that delays in receiving mailed transcripts may occur due to the operations with the US Postal Service. 

*Processing may take longer during peak times (e.g., the beginning and end of each quarter, holidays and during grading time). 

Order Here

Parchment sends you an email confirmation once you complete your order. For updates and details about your order, check your Parchment account.

Transcript Fees  

The fee for ordering official transcripts is $12 using a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card. Additional fees may be added if alternative printing & shipping options are selected. Payment is processed by Parchment and “College Transcript” will appear as the credit card preauthorization and/or transaction. 

Transcript Order Holds  

When ordering, students may request a transcript order be held until grades or degrees have been posted. However, students are encouraged to check their unofficial transcript prior to placing an order with Parchment to: 

  • Verify grades have posted from recent quarter(s) 
  • Verify a degree has been awarded and its conferral date 
  • Verify grade changes have been posted 

Parchment Customer Support 

Parchment representatives are available from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST), Mon-Fri, to answer questions or help with ordering transcripts online. 


Students may also check the status of their order by visiting the Parchment Self Service Plus webpage and entering their order number. 


GED Transcripts 

GED® transcripts or scores cannot be ordered through Parchment. Please visit to request scores for completed testing.

Unofficial Transcripts 

Current students and any students with a ctcLink ID number (beginning with 1 or 2) may access their unofficial transcript anytime through ctcLink. For instructions on how to do so, please follow our tutorial.

If you last attended Green River prior to 2016, the Legacy system is now archived & previous students can no longer use their old SID and PIN to access their unofficial transcript. We are currently offering students the follow options:

  • Submit the Unofficial Legacy Transcript Order form to be able to either get a copy of your unofficial transcript mailed to you. (We unfortunately currently do not offer the ability to email unofficial transcripts, we are working on a way to do so & will update this information & the above form as soon as possible.)
  • Previous and current students can stop by during business hours at Office of the Registrar (located in the Student Affairs and Success Center, room 280) with valid picture ID for unofficial transcript pickup. 
  • Submit an Enrollment Verification Request. These can include information such as dates attended, degree received, GPA, etc.
  • Order an Official Transcript using the services below.
  • If you are planning on returning to GRC, please make sure to submit an admissions application then upon confirmation of processing, email with your ctcLink ID number, old SID, full name & any previous names used, & an estimation of dates attended. We will need to manually convert your Legacy records to ctcLink & once you have been readmitted, you will be able to obtain your official transcripts via your ctcLink account.