Proposed SA-90

SA-90 Academic Credit for Prior Learning

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Policy Type: Student Affairs
Policy Title: Academic Credit for Prior Learning
Policy Number: SA-90


Provide information and procedures to request Academic Credit for Prior Learning (ACPL). Green River College offers students the opportunity to earn credit for prior non-traditional education and/or work experience.

All students, staff, faculty and administrators of Green River College.

Academic Credit for Prior Learning: Credit awarded for non-traditional learning.

Credit by Testing: Commonly accepted higher education equivalency exams that are documented via transcript or other official record (e.g., Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Cambridge International (CI)).

Prior Experiential Learning: Knowledge and skills acquired through experience alone, evaluated (subjectively) by faculty via evaluation of compilation of work. All prior learning assessments (HS21+ credits) are awarded through prior experiential learning portfolio review.

Extra-Institutional Learning: Knowledge and skills acquired outside of Green River College and objectively verified through 3rd party certifications, industry-recognized testing/training, and crosswalks.

Course Challenges: Challenge examinations are sufficiently comprehensive to determine that the student has the same knowledge and skills as those students who enroll in, and successfully complete, the course. A student should have previous training, private study, work experience, or other bona fide qualifications indicating the student has knowledge or abilities equivalent to course completers.

In accordance with accreditation standards, credits awarded for prior experiential learning will be differentiated as such on Green River College transcripts. Any credits earned through ACPL at any Washington Community and Technical College are accepted by Green River College.

Regular tuition rates are charged based on the number of credits awarded by the faculty member for assessment. Academic Credit for Prior Learning is assigned for 1 to 2 credits per quarter. Only 25% of a degree requirement can be satisfied through prior learning credits.


  1. Student meets initially with faculty for review of ACPL request.
  2. Faculty and student determine appropriate evaluation method and conduct evaluation.
  3. Faculty completes and submits Academic Credit for Prior Learning Request form to division chair and dean’s office for signature.
  4. Approved form is sent to Instructional Support Services to coordinate the ACPL process.
  5. Instructional Support Services creates item number for each ACPL-evaluated course and forwards the paperwork to the Office of the Registrar.
  6. A Credentials Evaluator in the Office of the Registrar enrolls the student in the ACPL course and notifies the student of the tuition due.
  7. Student pays the ACPL course tuition and co-op fees.
  8. Once the work has been evaluated, the faculty determines if the evidence provided meets the standards for awarding credit. The Credentials Evaluator then posts the assigned course(s) on the ACPL form onto the student transcript during the quarterly grading process.

    Note: The ACPL form will remain in the Office of the Registrar for records retention.

Students who wish to receive ACPL credits must complete the Academic Credit for Prior Learning Request form in coordination with an assigned faculty member.


    Students work with a faculty member to evaluate their prior learning in relation to the competencies of the program. The faculty will award credit for demonstrated learning outcomes that are appropriate to the course. Assessment methods could be a test, demonstration, written documentation, oral interview, or other appropriate method by which the faculty member determines the students’ understanding of the subject matter.

    Students are informed of possible ACPL credit transfer limitations. Awarding of ACPL does not guarantee that other institutions will accept the ACPL credit. Transferability of credits awarded for ACPL will be subject to the policies of the receiving institution.

    Credits earned through Academic Credit for Prior Learning are indicated as such on the college transcript with the approved course(s) added to the student transcript the quarter the ACPL was processed

    Specific Authority: 

    Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC)
    Washington State Student Achievement Council (WSAC)

    Law Implemented:

    History of Policy or Procedure
    Draft: August 8, 2012
    Adopted: Unknown
    Revised: Unknown
    Reviewed by: Office of the Registrar, Student Affairs Leadership Team
    Contact: Jenny Wheeler, Director of the Office of the Registrar/Registrar, ext. 2510
    President’s Staff Sponsor: Dr. Deborah Casey, Vice President of Student Affairs, ext. 3328

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