about revit

The Revit certificate program teaches the foundations of design and modeling of structures with Autodesk Revit. Master Revit to get ahead in your schoolwork and prepare for entry level jobs in architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE). Upgrade your current skills in design and 3D modeling to expand your career options in the ACE industries.

Revit is a software for building information modeling (BIM) used by engineers, architects, and building contractors to design, construct, and manage structures. Use Revit to build 3D models with real-world information. Generate building and site plans, run cost estimates, visualize building designs in 3D, create documentation, and perform structural analysis.  

Interested in a career in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) field? The GRC Revit certificate will help you get started and prepare you for entry-level jobs.

Planning to major in architecture or engineering? Get ahead of your class with solid Revit skills.

Already working in the industry? Advance your technical and design skills with Revit to grow professionally and propel your career to more senior roles.

Expected outcomes after completing the GRC Revit Certificate program:

  • Learn all aspects of the Revit Architecture software to design, model, and document a series of different building types on a site
  • Think creatively about modeling and show your building designs clearly with a strong underlying concept
  • Gain a greater understanding of design and architecture while mastering the most widely adopted industry standard architecture and engineering software
  • Develop a portfolio of quality design projects for a current or future employer

Revit Certificate Description

Program length varies and can be adapted to students with prior experience with the instructor's permission. The certificate program includes one to three courses and takes three to nine months to complete.