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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a more secure, multi-step account login process that requires users to enter more information than just a password. For example, along with the password, users might be asked to enter a code sent to their email, answer a secret question, or scan a fingerprint. A second form of authentication can help prevent unauthorized account access if a system password has been compromised.

All GRC Students Will Be Required to Use MFA

On January 22, 2024, MFA will be turned on across campus for students to keep their data more secure and resistant to cyber-attacks. Students will be required to use MFA to login to their GRC Microsoft accounts (Canvas, email, OneDrive, Office, and ctcLink), and will be asked for another form of ID (authenticator app, phone number, or security key.)

A mobile device will be needed at the time of login to set up MFA. If no mobile device is available, you can:

    • Purchase a security key in the PaperTree Bookstore or online at
    • Contact the student tech support desk at 253-931-6465.

For help and tutorials, visit

On January 22, ctcLink MFA will be turned on for all students.


How to register for Green River MFA (email, Canvas, OneDrive, Office) and Self-service Password Reset


  • Step 1 – Log into your Outlook account on a computer
  • Step 2 – Choose your Authentication Method
  1. Microsoft Authenticator (Recommended)
  1. Phone Number
  1. Security Key (Does not work for password reset)
  • Microsoft Authenticator –
  1. On your computer, choose MS Authenticator as your choice for MFA
  1. Install Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device and agree to the terms
  1. Choose “Scan a QR code”
  1. Allow MS Authenticator to have access to your camera
  1. Scan the QR code on your computer screen
  1. Click OK on the Authenticator app screen to enable App Lock
  1. Click “Got it” on the Authenticator App
  1. Click Next on your computer
  1. Set up is now complete
  • Phone Number
  1. On your computer, choose Phone as your choice of MFA
  1. Enter your phone number
  1. Select Text me a code or Call me
  • Text me will send a text to your mobile device
  • Call me will prompt a phone call to your mobile device with a spoken 6-digit code
  1. Click Next
  1. Enter the code sent to your mobile device
  1. Click Next
  1. Click Done on your computer
  1. Set up is now complete
  • Security Key (Yubikey)
  1. Go to the My Profile page at My Account and sign in
  1. Select Security Info, select Add method, and then click Security Key
  1. Select Add, and then select USB
  1. Make sure that you have your security key physically available, and click Next
  1. Select Next, and then insert your security key into your device
  1. Type in your unique security key PIN and click OK
  1. Click Next
  1. Name your Security Key
  1. Click Done

How to Enable MFA (Authenticator)


How to Enable MFA (Security Key)

How to set up ctcLink MFA(registration, financial aid)


  1. Navigate to
  1. Enter your ctcLink ID and your password (info about finding this info)
  1. You will only be prompted with options based on the information you provided when setting up ctcLink
    1. Phone – will send a one-time code to your phone
    1. Email – will send you a one-time password via email (not recommended)
    1. Security Questions – will have you answer a security question (not recommended)
  1. If you would like to add another security method
    • Click on Password Settings (if you do not see this option, go to
      • Google Authenticator – choose this option if you want to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft (Recommended)
      • Security key – choose this option only if you have physical security (Yubikey) to use

How to Enable ctcLink MFA

How to reset your password using Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)


  1. Go to any website that you access Green River Resources
  1. Click Forgot Password
  1. Enter your Green River email address and the security prompt
  1. Choose one of the options for authentication
    • Text your mobile phone
    • Call your mobile phone
    • Answer security questions
    • Use the Microsoft Authenticator App (Recommended)
  1. Enter the information needed
  1. Set your new password
    • Remember to use at least 12 characters when creating a new password (anything less will not be accepted)
    • Think passphrase, not password and include letters, capital letters, numbers, and symbols
    • Use different passphrases for different accounts
    • Do not use your personal information
    • Do not share or send your password to anyone

How to Reset Password



When will MFA be turned on for students?

January 22, 2024

What if I forget my mobile device and I need to access my account?

You can still log onto classroom workstations but you will not be able to access any GRC resources (Microsoft Apps, Canvas, library resources).

Get in touch with the Student Tech Support Desk by:

  • Meeting ID: 938 4358 3105
  • Password: 98092

What happens if I get a new Green River email address?

No action required. The student’s email address will automatically be updated and their old email address will become an alias account (email address that is also listed on their account)

What if MFA is not working?

You can still log onto classroom workstations but you will not be able to access any GRC resources (Microsoft Apps, Canvas, library resources).

Get in touch with the Student Tech Support Desk by:

  • Meeting ID: 938 4358 3105
  • Password: 98092

What if I need help getting MFA turned on?

Get in touch with the Student Tech Support Desk by:

  • Meeting ID: 938 4358 3105
  • Password: 98092

Can I turn it on before 1/22/24?

You can not opt into MFA before 1/22/24, but you can prepare by making sure you have a mobile device on that day.

I do not have a mobile device. How will that work for me?

If you do not have a mobile device, you can use a security key (Yubikey) to authenticate to Green River Resources and ctcLink. You can purchase a security key in the Paper Tree Bookstore or on the web at Security Key NFC by Yubico black

Can students share the same device/phone and authenticate via phone number or authenticator app?

Each student will need to authenticate separately to get into their account, but the one authenticator app or one phone number on that one same device will work. From an authentication point of view, there are no additional steps or instructions for students sharing devices… however, completely separate from MFA, students may need assistance dumping cookies or setting up separate profiles on a browser to help them alternate between login instances

Can two students use the same phone number for password recovery?

No problem

Student Technology Support Desk Contact




CLOSED JUNE 18 THRU 21 so our Student Techs can enjoy some time off.

JUNE 24-27:  9AM TO 3PM



Monday - Thursday 8AM - 5PM

Closed Fridays, Weekends and Holidays

Click here to Connect Through Zoom
Zoom Info

Zoom Meeting ID: 938 4358 3105
Password: 98092


While most tech support is best done via our Virtual Lobby, some information can be given over the phone.  The hours for the Virtual Lobby and Phone are the same, exceptions voicemails will also be returned on Saturdays and Sundays between 2PM and 6PM during the academic quarter.

Phone: 253-931-6465

In Person: 

Summer Quarter In Person Technology Support Hours and Locations:

  • Holman Library:
    • M-Th 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    • Sunday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Closed holidays and during breaks
  • Technology Center:
    • M-TH 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Closed weekends, holidays, advising day, in-service day and during breaks
  • Kent Campus:
    • M-TH 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Closed Fridays, weekends, holidays, in-service days, advising days and during breaks


Emails are returned daily, exceptions of holidays.


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