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Our team of International Education managers will work closely with you to customize your program to meet your needs.

Team members include: From R to L: Paul Guerra Sanchez, Director; Megan Swanson, Assistant Director, Andres Montano Leal, Program Manager, Jude Guo, Program Manager 

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Kamile Zvykaite

Teesside University Short-Term Program

Teesside University certificate ceremony at Green River College

Through this course (at Green River College), I've been challenged, engaged and had an absolute fantastic time. I've learnt more about globalisation and how it effects the environment, culture, economics, politics and citizenship. As our final project we had to make a presentation demonstrating how globalisation would affect myself and my chosen field. I'm glad to say all my group gave amazing speeches and I'm proud of us all! Studying abroad with different mindsets has led me to grow and see the world in a different light."

Short-Term Program: Teesside University
Country: Unitied Kingdom