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Strategic Planning, 2021 - 2026

In June 2020, GRC launched a collaborative and inclusive strategic planning process to ensure the college delivers on its mission, as well as its commitment to opportunity and equitable student success.

The Strategic Planning process will continue through June 2021, resulting in a broad, comprehensive, and collaborative institutional strategic plan that will guide the college’s priorities and operational planning for mission fulfillment through 2026.

A strategic plan is a blueprint for moving forward as a whole college over the next five years. The strategic plan will be a dynamic tool/document that can grow as we grow, and it will have a clear vision of what the next five years' goals are and a plan for how to get there.

Creating the plan will be a collaborative process, guided by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and written by the Strategic Plan working groups formed to focus on specific aspects of the plan. These working groups will include students, staff, faculty, community partners, and administration of the college. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee will work closely and in partnership with the college’s strategic planning consultant, MIG, who was obtained through the college’s established RFP process. 

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s work will span from June 2020 – June 2021. A visual breakdown of the proposed timeline is available below: 

Download the latest timeline (PDF): GRC Strategic Planning Timeline

The strategic planning process is an important time in the college’s history that will have a significant impact on reaching our goal of equitable student success. Integral to this effort will be the creation of a Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee will lead the college through its next strategic plan development process throughout the 2020-21 academic year. The committee’s membership comprises representation from across the college. It has been constructed with careful consideration of diverse roles at the college and diversity of perspective, knowledge, and expertise.

Committee Membership

  • Co-Chairs of the Committee:  
    • George Frasier, VP of College Advancement
    • Marcie Sims, tenured English faculty member
  • Chair of College Council: Nancy Kremer
  • Chair of IC:  Leslie Kessler
  • Director of Career and Advising Services: Allison Warner
  • Dean of Enrollment and Completion:  David Larsen
  • Dean of Campus Life: Dani Crivello-Chang
  • Director of Facilities: Rob Olson
  • Senior Director of College Relations: Philip Denman
  • Director of ODEI: Marwa Almusawi
  • VP of Instruction: Rolita Ezeonu
  • VP of Student Affairs: Deb Casey
  • VP of Business Administrative Services / HR: Shirley Bean
  • Executive Director of IT / CIO: Camella Morgan
  • Director of IE: Fia Eliasson-Creek
  • Grants Director: Matt Swenson  
  • VP of International Programs and Extended Learning: Wendy Stewart
  • Three (3) Deans of Instruction:
    • Tsai-En Cheng: Dean of Branch locations   
    • Jamie Fitzgerald: Transfer Dean
    • Sidney Weldele-Wallace: CTE Dean  
  • United Faculty President: Jaeney Hoene
  • WFSE shop steward: Lonnie Hunter
  • Two (2) student representatives:
    • Quintana Erwin
    • Michela (Mu) Li
  • Four (4) staff members at large (student facing):
    • LaBasha Alexander, SA Completion Coach
    • Su Hoon Tan, SA Director of Auxiliary Services Student Engagement
    • Adam Beals, IP Advisor
    • Kim Olsen, IT Help Desk
  • Four (4) faculty members at large:
    • Amanda Walsh, Transitional Studies and Wellness
    • Chitra Solomonson, Physics
    • Lea Ann Simpson, BTAC
    • Kyle Stevenson, History & Political Science (adjunct / associate)
  • Two Board of Trustees members (ex-officio members):
    • Trustee Elaine Chu
    • Trustee Sharonne Navas

In the spring of 2020, Green River College (the College, Green River or GRC) initiated an Equity-Centered Strategic Visioning and Planning process to develop an integrated Equity-Centered Strategic Plan (Plan) for the College. The intention of the Plan was to lay out a vision, mission and set of values which define the work and future pathways for the College toward building and acting within a more equitable community.

To ensure that the Plan was inclusive of all voices with a stake in the College’s success and future, the College carried out a 10-month long community engagement process with a variety of activities designed to ensure that all student, staff, and community voices were heard. The process was guided by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, working closely and in partnership with the College’s strategic planning consultant, MIG, Inc., obtained through the College’s established RFP process. The Strategic Plan is a blueprint for moving forward as a whole college over the next five years. It provides a clear vision of our goals for the next five years and is a dynamic tool that can grow as the College grows.

View the Equity-Centered Strategic Plan Draft (June 2021)

View Appendix D | Original Working Group Results


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