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Green River Natural Resources degree options will prepare you for immediate employment in forestry, wildfire, water quality, and park management as applied to natural resources, or to continue at universities with natural resources programs.

Natural Resources technicians work outdoors on private, state and federal forestlands. They gather information, direct and inspect the work of others and explain land management activities to the public. They assist professional foresters, biologists and recreation managers. They utilize current technologies including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), laser measuring instruments, and current software in various applications.

Some of the technicians' tasks include:

  • Forestry: Reforest areas; estimate the volume and value of standing timber; mark timber for cutting; map boundaries of proposed timber sales; interpret aerial photos; use a compass and tape; record neat, well organized field notes; inspect planting performance by contractors; collect field measurements of the species and stocking of reforested areas; and check compliance of thinning, pruning and reforestation contractors.
  • Water Quality: Monitor stream and lake systems for water quality and functions. Identify plants and animals, as well as wetlands delineation and mapping their location. Apply environmental regulations regarding stream and wetland protection.
  • Park Management: Construct and maintain trails and campgrounds. Collect fees, explain and enforce park rules. Interpret plant and animal ecology for the general public.
  • Wildland Fire: Fire prevention and education activities, wildfire suppression as crew member or leader of an aerial, engine or ground crew.

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Natural Resource Graduates take many paths


Biological technician | Contract supervisor in natural resources | Forest fire crew supervisor | Forest inventory technician | Forest engineering assistant | Natural resource field crew supervisor | GIS technician | Independent forest contractor | Log scaler | State park ranger’s assistant | Surveying technician |Trail maintenance supervisor | Tree planting inspector

Great Opportunities

A.A.S., B.A.S., B.S., and on to Masters

When you earn your A.A.S. in our program you can qualify to join our four-year bachelor program or to transfer to another institution. Work with you adviser to be sure you have the right course line-up.

Completing Green River’s B.A.S. will prepare you for graduate studies, and provide the credentials for senior management positions in the Natural resources field

Natural Resources BAS


Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree

Occupations: Foresters, Conservation Scientists, Range Managers, Natural Resource Manager
Earnings: Range from $27.14 to $30.60 an hour, entry to  mid-level. 

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Occupations: Natural Resources Technician, Forest Technician, Resource Manager, Wildlife Technician
Earnings: $13.89 to $16.39 an hour

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