University and College Transfer

University and College Transfer

Getting your transfer degree at GRC is a smart choice

Green River College is a great place to complete the first two years of your four-year college or university degree. Not only will you save considerable money, but you will receive a high quality education in foundation courses with significantly lower class sizes than most four-year institutions.

In this section you can find out the facts you need to know to make sure you are taking courses here that will get you where you plan on going. You will also find helpful guidance for researching four-year year institutions, and up-to-date information for college fairs on campus so you have every opportunity and the support you need to make great choices for your future.

Check out the "Degree Planning Sheets"  to plan your transfer degree, and view a list of Green River's transferable associate degrees. Some of these degrees also include prerequisites for specific majors to assist students in being more ‘major ready’ prior to transferring.

If you have questions regarding these degree options or would like additional assistance in developing an academic plan, please contact an advisor most relevant to your path.

Transfer degree planning

The degrees listed below and the linked planning sheets represent Green River's degrees that are supported by direct transfer agreements or DTA's. The planning sheets below are designed to help you plan course work for your transfer degree. Working with and advisor is also highly encouraged.

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Washington 45

Learn how state legislation helps you transfer.

In 2011 our state legislature directed state Career and Technical Colleges and state colleges and universities to agree to a list of general education courses that will transfer for your four year degree as long as you receive a 2.0 or above for each course. 

Rights and Responsibilities

Understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to transferring to a college or university.

Foreign Language Requirements

Learn more about the foreign language requirements for different Washington universities.

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