Is an e-Learning Class for Me?

Is an e-Learning Class for Me?

Online and hybrid classes offer attractive alternatives to fully face-to-face on-campus courses for those with busy schedules. But you will want to consider if the style of an online or hybrid course fits your learning style and technical skills, too.

Online and hybrid courses have fewer (or no) on-campus meetings.

Hybrid classes (listed as “hybrid” in the Class Schedule) requires reduced on-campus attendance, with one or more of the usual on-campus meetings replaced by online content. Hybrid classes can be a good choice if you would like to reduce the number of days you need to be on-campus but would still like to have the experience of face-to-face in-person class meetings.

Online classes (listed as “online” in the class schedule) are classes that are fully online with no on-campus meetings.

Classes listed as

These classes are offered through Canvas or another of the college’s learning platforms and will have regular content and assignments you will complete online. Online classes can be a good choice if you are a self-directed independent learner who is comfortable navigating online sites and keeping up with ongoing class deadlines.

It is also recommended that you feel confident in meeting the basic prerequisites for the class if you are enrolling in a fully online course—you should score higher than the lowest qualifying scores for English and Mathematics courses. If your score on placement tests is not five points or more above the qualifying minimum for transfer classes you may have trouble in the fully online course equivalent (but a hybrid course might still be a good fit – when in doubt, contact the instructor for the class.)

Online and hybrid courses require self-directed learning and independent time management skills.

Whether you choose a hybrid or fully online class, it is important to know that the most successful online learners are happy with a class style that allows them to take responsibility for their own learning and are self-motivated to keep up with online assignments and deadlines.

Am I comfortable with...

  • Following written directions to complete an assignment?
  • Emailing my professor when I don’t understand what to do?
  • Scheduling my time so that I log in to the class multiple times a week and give myself enough time to work through class content?
  • Keeping track of deadlines and assignment submissions without in-person class reminders?

Successful students will also have a backup plan or be prepared to contact their instructor early on if they encounter: computer or technical issues; interruption in internet service; power outages; travel during the quarter; or other difficulties in completing class work.

Online and Hybrid classes require some basic computer skills.

To be successful in an online class, students will need to know how to:

  • Use the Internet
  • Use a search engine
  • Set up your computer and browser to be compatible with Canvas and the software used for your class
  • Use a word processor like Microsoft Word. (Some classes may require the use of other software. Check with your professor)
  • Log in to your campus email
  • Send and receive email
  • Send an email with an attachment
  • Use a PC, Mac, or mobile device to access Canvas or your class site
  • Copy and paste from one document to another
  • Use a discussion forum *
  • Take a timed test *
  • Use a chat room *

The last three items are not required for all courses.

Some students feel that they may be able to learn computer skills at the same time as taking their online class, but this is not recommended. Because online classes assume you know how to access websites and preform these other computer skills, your instructor will not be able to teach technical skills and the content of the class at the same time.

If you would like to improve your computer skills, consider signing up for one of Green River’s computer fundamentals courses.