How to Register

Welcome New e-Learning Students

If you are registered for an e-Learning class, your printed schedule will list your class as Section DE, TEL or WOL and under time it will say ARR.

Haven't registered yet? Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Admissions

e-Learning students must go through the admissions process. The first step for a new student is to apply for admission. The admissions section of the Green River website describes the process in detail.

Step 2 - Choosing Classes and Registering

Once you have completed the admissions process, go to the Class Schedule to choose your classes. The Class Schedule has a complete alphabetical list of all e-Learning classes offered each quarter (see Step 3 for an example). Copy the item numbers of the classes you want and go to the registration section for instructions on how to register. If you have questions about registration you can email student advising.

Step 3 - The Class Schedule

After you have registered, return to the Class Schedule to choose your classes. The page will open to the classes beginning with the letter A. Choose the letter at the top corresponding to the class you want. You'll see columns with the following headings (examples are in parenthesis):

  • Course ID -- (ACCT110)
  • Course type -- ACCT 110 (0111) Practical Financial Accounting 1 (the number in bold is the item number for the course)
  • Instructor name -- Name of your professor with a link to her/his email address
  • Course site -- Link to the Canvas login page if your professor is using Canvas.

Step 4 - Getting to Your Class

From the class schedule, click on the link for the course site. Enter your login ID and password according to the instructions on the login page. If your professor is using Canvas, you'll see Courses in the green title bar at the top of the page. It's a dropdown with a list of your classes. Click on the link for a class and you'll enter the classroom. If you are taking classes from other Washington community colleges, you may be able to see them in your classes dropdown. Clicking on the class will take you to that college's Canvas site without requiring you to login again.

Classes not using Canvas may or may not require a login name and ID. Your professor will provide you with that information.

Step 5 - Settings

Read Computer Needs.

Configure your browser according to the directions below.

  • Please make sure you have turned off all pop-up blockers. You can find them in stand alone programs, in antivirus software, in toolbars such as Google's and in firewall software. They must be disabled or some features such as online testing will not work.
  • Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Canvas sets a session cookie and will not allow you to log in if you block cookies.
  • You'll need the latest version of Java. If you do not have Java installed visit to download and install.